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How to Design the Perfect Xeriscape for Your New Home in Scottsdale

How to Design the Perfect Xeriscape for Your New Home in Scottsdale
When you buy a home in Scottsdale, your outdoor living space needs to be comfortable and attractive. Here’s how to design the perfect xeriscape for your new home.

How to Design the Perfect Xeriscape for Your New Home in Scottsdale

Xeriscaping is the practice of using native plants in the design of your outdoor landscaping. Most experts agree that this is the best way to go, because xeriscaped landscaping uses less water, the plants stay healthier, and it provides an authentic look.
Outside of hiring a professional to xeriscape your yard, here are five tips you can use to create the perfect environment:

  1. Have a soil test done
  2. Choose native, non-invasive plants
  3. Group plants according to their water needs
  4. Consider installing a drip-style irrigation system
  5. Use bark or rock mulch in place of grass

Here’s a closer look at each.

Scottsdale Xeriscaping Tip #1: Have a Soil Test Done

Before you can choose the right types of plants for your xeriscaped yard, it makes sense to have a soil test done. Then, you can improve the soil quality based on what the test says. That way, your plants will be healthier and live longer, and they’ll require less maintenance.
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Scottsdale Xeriscaping Tip #2: Choose Native, Non-Invasive Plants

After you’ve had a soil test done, you can choose native, non-invasive plants. Ideally, you’ll find plants that are adapted to drought, lots of sun, and temperature extremes that we often experience here in Scottsdale.

Scottsdale Xeriscaping Tip #3: Group Plants According to Their Water Needs

You can’t just plant things anywhere in a successfully xeriscaped yard. Instead, you should group plants according to their water needs. That way, you avoid overwatering or underwatering – and your plants remain healthy.
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Scottsdale Xeriscaping Tip #4: Consider Installing a Drip-Style Irrigation System

You may want to build a rainwater harvesting system into your xeriscaping. Then, it may make sense to install an efficient drip style irrigation system. Sprinklers don’t tend to provide for plants’ water needs very well in the desert. They’re subject to a lot of evaporation, which will end up costing you more money and preventing your plants from getting the water they need.

Scottsdale Xeriscaping Tip #5: Use Bark or Rock Mulch in Place of Grass

Rather than planting living ground cover, consider sticking to bark or rock mulch in your yard. If neither of those options works for you, invest in a high-quality sod that’s well-adapted to desert living.
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Should You Hire a Professional to Xeriscape Your Yard in Scottsdale?

If you don’t particularly have a green thumb, it may be worthwhile for you to hire a professional to xeriscape your yard. However, it can be fairly expensive for someone to come in when you’re starting from scratch. You should call several landscaping professionals to get quotes, and make sure the one that you choose is licensed and insured.
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