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7 Tips to Make a Drab Bathroom a Fab Bathroom

7 Tips to Make a Drab Bathroom a Fab Bathroom

7 Tips to Make a Drab Bathroom a Fab Bathroom
If you’re selling your golf course home in Scottsdale or a nearby community, your REALTOR® will most likely talk to you about home staging – and one of the rooms that’ll be on your To-Do list will be your primary bathroom. Prospective buyers love seeing spa-style baths, whether they’re attached to master bedrooms or they’re stand-alones in the living area, so this guide gives you seven tips to make a drab bathroom a fab bathroom.

7 Tips to Make a Drab Bathroom a Fab Bathroom

First things first: You can’t stage your bathroom until it’s spotless. Invest some time into cleaning it from top to bottom. Then, follow these seven tips:

  1. Make it smell great
  2. Upgrade your shower fixture
  3. Add soft textures
  4. Bring in flowers and greenery
  5. Gather toiletries on trays
  6. Add a tub tray
  7. Place seating in the space

Get a closer look at each below.

Drab to Fab Bathroom Tip #1: Make it Smell Great

Fresh and clean is the way to go – but that doesn’t mean powerful chemical smells. Your bathroom should smell clean, of course, but the primary scent should be something aromatic. Think about getting an oil diffuser or reed sticks, or place some candles (unlit!) on the countertops to add some fresh scent.

Drab to Fab Bathroom Tip #2: Upgrade Your Shower Fixture

Think about installing a rainwater shower head or massage fixture in your shower – generally, that’s a DIY job that you can tackle in under an hour. (You can probably find a great selection of shower heads at your favorite home improvement store.) Though the people who tour your home are unlikely (we hope) to shower while you’re there, it’s small details that make prospective buyers fall in love.
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Drab to Fab Bathroom Tip #3: Add Soft Textures

Your bathroom will look more luxurious if you add soft textures – just like those you’d use during a spa experience. Consider buying fluffy, heavy bath sheets and hanging them up or rolling them in a basket for showings. Just don’t use them while your house is on the market; you can give them to yourself as housewarming gifts when you’re settling into your new home. You may also want to invest in a fluffy bath mat and a few luxurious hand towels.

Green Plant

Drab to Fab Bathroom Tip #4: Bring in Flowers and Greenery

Let a little natural beauty into your bathroom by adding a plant or two. If you’re not good with plants, that’s okay; put fresh-cut flowers in a vase before showings. And if you choose fake plants, choose wisely – don’t pick something that’s obviously plastic or that collects dust quickly.
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Drab to Fab Bathroom Tip #5: Gather Toiletries on Trays

Keep your countertops organized and neat by gathering essential toiletries on trays. Think about buying clear jars with lids for cotton swabs and other essentials – and make sure to tuck away the things you use every day, such as toothbrushes. Buyers want to see that your bathroom is usable, not that it’s actually used.

Drab to Fab Bathroom Tip #6: Add a Tub Tray

Make your tub look more luxurious by adding a tub tray that features a wine glass holder and plenty of space to prop a good book. Natural wood, metal and even well-crafted plastic can do the trick. You can typically find tub trays at your favorite home improvement store, so you can pick one up while you’re looking for a new shower head.
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Drab to Fab Bathroom Tip #7: Place Seating in the Space

If you have enough room, seating is a must-have. A small bench, stool or even an ottoman is a great addition. Your prospective buyers will be able to envision themselves using all that bathroom space rather than looking at an empty (and unusable) patch of flooring.
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