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How to Turn a Bonus Room Into a Selling Feature

How to Turn a Bonus Room Into a Selling Feature

How to Turn a Bonus Room Into a Selling Feature
If you’re like many homeowners, you have a bonus room – but what are you supposed to do with it when it comes to staging? This guide explains how to turn a bonus room into a selling feature when your home hits the market. 

How to Turn a Bonus Room Into a Selling Feature

Bonus rooms are generally seen as assets when you’re selling a home. Buyers can envision all kinds of uses for these flexible spaces. But whether they picture a home office, a workout room, a playroom or a catch-all storage space depends on how you stage it… and how well you can turn it into a great feature that buyers will love.
If you want to turn your home’s bonus room into a selling feature, check out these tips:

  • Think about making the space as appealing as possible to a wide range of buyers
  • Give the room a clear purpose
  • Highlight the space’s positive points

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Bonus Room Tip #1: Make the Space Appealing to a Wide Audience 

Clear out the room of any unnecessary “stuff.” You want to remove all the clutter and the extra furnishings that can make it look cramped. Then, clean the space from top to bottom and think about adding decorative touches that appeal to a wide audience. Think about the types of decor you see in model homes, your favorite luxury hotel or other homes for sale in the area and try to emulate that. The idea is to make your space neutral enough that it could appeal to anyone.
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Bonus Room Tip #2: Give the Room a Clear Purpose

Focus on the people who will be coming to see your home. You want to think about your target audience; there are common uses that will appeal to people who are looking in your neighborhood. For example, if you’re in a community that’s largely populated by retirees, a home office or special hobby room may be the right choice; if you’re in a community with playgrounds around every corner, you may want to turn it into a game room or movie room. If you’re in a condo complex that’s full of young professionals, you might consider turning it into an entertaining space with a bar and casual dining area. Although there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to what purpose your bonus room should serve, you can get a good idea based on what your neighbors have – and what you’re looking for yourself.

Bonus Room Tip #3: Highlight the Room’s Positive Points

If your bonus room has uncommon features, like a low ceiling or small alcoves, incorporate them into your decor. For example, you could create a reading nook under a slanted ceiling and put shelving or a table in an alcove.
Look for positive points, too, like big windows that let in a lot of light or ample space that you can highlight. If the room has large windows, for example, draw guests’ attention to them by adding beautiful window treatments or placing plants in front of them. Your Scottsdale REALTOR® can help you figure out how to make your bonus room look its best.
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