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5 Signs It’s Time to Sell Your Home

5 Signs It’s Time to Sell Your Home
If you are like many people, you’re thinking about selling your home. But is it time? These five signs point to “yes.”

5 Signs It’s Time to Sell Your Home

There’s no one size fits all answer for the question “when is the right time to sell your home?” however, these five signs may indicate that you’re in a good position to sell and that it may be the right choice for you:

  1. You’ve outgrown the space
  2. Your home has outgrown you
  3. Your home no longer fits your lifestyle
  4. You’re too far from everything
  5. The market is hot

Here’s a closer look at each.

Sign #1 It’s Time to Sell Your Home: You’ve Outgrown the Space

If you find yourself scrambling for storage space or trying to fit all of your family members in your home, it may be time to find something bigger. Additionally, what may have seemed like ample room when you first purchased may no longer be a good fit.
One good way to test whether you’ve outgrown your home is to see how you feel in each room that you use regularly. If you feel cramped and crowded, whether or not your other housemates are in there with you, it’s a good sign that you need more space to sprawl.
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Sign #2 It’s Time to Sell Your Home: Your Home Has Outgrown You

Sometimes homes are just too big to keep up with. If you have empty rooms, more space than you know what to do with (or feel like cleaning), or you just want something a little cozier, it may be time for you to downsize. The good news is that you don’t have to give up your golf course living lifestyle; there are homes of all sizes on prestigious and beautiful golf courses all over Scottsdale.

Sign #3 It’s Time to Sell Your Home: Your Home No Longer Fits Your Lifestyle

Sometimes a home just isn’t a good fit. Whether you don’t have a home office or home gym and want one or you just don’t feel like your home represents who you are as a person, it may be time to move.
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Sign #4 It’s Time to Sell Your Home: You’re Too Far From Everything

Though Scottsdale is a beautifully built-up city, your home may be located too far from the amenities you love to use. If that’s the case, you may want to start looking for homes that are closer to all your favorite places, friends or family.

Sign #5 It’s Time to Sell Your Home: The Market is Hot

When there are more buyers looking for homes than there are homes for sale, that means the market is hot for sellers. In a seller’s market such as this, buyers are typically willing to compete for the limited homes that are available. Often, you can sell your home for more money than you could if there were more competition. If you stand to make a significant profit on your home, it may be time to sell and look for something new. You should talk to a real estate agent if you believe you could make a significant profit; your agent will be able to tell you exactly what your home would be worth if you put it on the market today.
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