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5 Landscaping Tips That Can Help You Sell Your Home

5 Landscaping Tips That Can Help You Sell Your Home
If you’re thinking about selling your golf course home in Scottsdale, check out these five landscaping tips that can boost your curb appeal now.

5 Landscaping Tips That Can Help You Sell Your Home

Selling a home depends on a lot of factors, and one of them is how nice it looks from the outside. Even if you don’t work with a professional landscaping company, there are five things you can do yourself to make your curb appeal more attractive to prospective buyers – and by extension, help you sell your home. Check them out here:

  1. Clean things up
  2. Add a little privacy
  3. Choose low-maintenance features
  4. Only use xeriscaping
  5. Stage the space

Here’s a closer look at each.

Landscaping Tip #1 to Help You Sell Your Home: Clean Things Up

Your yard should be clean and look neat before buyers begin taking tours of your home. That means you’ll need to take out any dead or wilting plants, prune your trees if necessary, and power wash the sidewalk and driveway.
Pro Tip: You should never power wash your home. Doing so could cause expensive damage! If you feel the exterior is dirty, you should hire a professional to clean it for you.
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Landscaping Tip #2 to Help You Sell Your Home: Add a Little Privacy

You don’t need to put up a privacy fence, but if you add some private outdoor living space, buyers will feel more comfortable about the prospect of spending time in the backyard. That may include planting fast growing shrubs, putting up outdoor curtains or even adding a comfortable seating area with a shade umbrella. (Buyers know your furnishings will go with you when you leave, but adding something like this can help them envision themselves living in your home.)

Landscaping Tip #3 to Help You Sell Your Home: Choose Low-Maintenance Features

If anything in your yard requires a lot of maintenance, it’s time to reconsider. When you sell a home, you’re not only selling a structure and a yard; you’re also selling a lifestyle. You want buyers to see that living in your home is easy.
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Landscaping Tip #4 to Help You Sell Your Home: Only Use Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is the practice of using native plants that thrive in Scottsdale. If you have plants that are non-native to Arizona, consider replacing them with those that are. There are a few reasons for this, but two of the most important are the fact that native plants need less maintenance and upkeep than non-native plants do, and they simply look more authentic.

Landscaping Tip #5 to Help You Sell Your Home: Stage the Space

Just like the indoors, it’s important to stage your outdoor living space. That may mean adding lighting, putting in comfortable seating around a portable fire pit, or dressing up the space so buyers can envision themselves spending time out there.
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