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5 Home Upgrades Scottsdale Buyers Want Right Now

5 Home Upgrades Scottsdale Buyers Want Right Now
When you’re selling your golf course home, your REALTOR® will talk to you about staging it so buyers feel right at home – but what about upgrades? Is there anything you should do to your home to make it more marketable?
It turns out that there are five upgrades that buyers are looking for in homes right now. And while you should always talk to your REALTOR before you make any major improvements so you don’t waste your time and money, they may be worth considering.

5 Home Upgrades Scottsdale Buyers Want Right Now

The whole real estate market has evolved due to the coronavirus pandemic, so these are some of the home upgrades that buyers are looking for:

  1. Better, more functional laundry rooms
  2. Functional home offices or classroom environments
  3. Home workout space
  4. In-law suites
  5. Livable outdoor spaces

Here’s a closer look at each.

Home Upgrade #1: Better, more functional laundry rooms

Laundry rooms are important, but they’re often overlooked – or, at least, they were overlooked before the pandemic hit. People are certainly doing more laundry now, but it’s not just that; the pandemic caused us all to refocus a bit. Buyers are trending toward wanting bigger, more functional laundry spaces, but if yours isn’t large, don’t worry. You can make it more efficient by adding shelving, a rolling cart that’s great for storage or even a built-in ironing board.
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Home Upgrade #2: Functional home offices or classroom environments

Workers aren’t heading back to the office for a while – and with schools doing the on-again, off-again cycle into the foreseeable future, buyers want to see space to get things done from home. You don’t have to convert a whole bedroom into an office, although you can accomplish that through staging. You can simply add a desk and some office accoutrements (like a filing cabinet and some bookshelves) to a guest bedroom and showcase the space’s flexibility.
5 Home Upgrades Scottsdale Buyers Want Right Now

Home Upgrade #3: Home workout space

Just like offices and schools, gyms are on-and-off these days. And while a lot of people have home workout spaces that they don’t use, that doesn’t make them any less desirable to buyers. You can repurpose a space to serve as a home gym (but not the garage!) by setting up workout equipment or even simply accessories, like yoga mats and hand weights.
Pro Tip: If you’re clearing out a guest room to make space for another room, like an office or home workout space, consider renting a storage unit where your stuff can stay until you move into your new home.

Home Upgrade #4: In-law suites

Many people have begun to bring elderly family members into their own homes. You don’t have to have a separate guest house, but it’s nice to have a fully equipped guest area in your home. If you have a second owner’s suite or another bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, you can outfit it as a guest space.
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Home Upgrade #5: Livable outdoor spaces

Being “stuck” at home has made buyers crave outdoor living space – it’s an extension of what’s inside, and it can provide a great escape from at-home work or school. Maximize and stage your home’s outdoor living space to appeal to all kinds of buyers by refreshing your landscaping, adding new outdoor furniture or even putting in an outdoor fire pit if you don’t already have one.

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