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7 Luxury Home Upgrades to Consider Before 2021

7 Luxury Home Upgrades to Consider Before 2021
Whether you’re selling your Scottsdale golf course home before the end of the year or you’re in it for the long haul, check out these seven luxury home upgrades you should consider before 2021.

7 Luxury Home Upgrades to Consider Before 2021

Making luxury upgrades to your golf course home makes it more valuable – both to you and to your future buyer. But what upgrades would you (or your potential buyer) value most? Check out this list of the seven hottest upgrades in design, function and fun:

  1. Home wellness: Air purification
  2. Circadian lighting
  3. Climate-proofing
  4. Steam showers
  5. Designer wallpaper
  6. A wine fridge
  7. An outdoor kitchen

Here’s a closer look at each.

Home Wellness: Air Purification

Home wellness is on the rise, and that means things like whole-house air filters are becoming more popular. With more people paying attention to air quality indices (AQI) and improvements in construction that keep the weather outside, indoor air quality is important. There are two main types of indoor air filters: media filters, which use a barrier to trap particles in the air, and electronic filters, which create a high-voltage charge to attract and capture particles.

Circadian Lighting

Circadian lighting revolves around the concept that people can use electric light to support health by minimizing the way it affects the human circadian rhythm. In simpler terms, it’s using lighting that follows the human body’s natural sleep-wake cycle and internal 24-hour clock. Research supports the idea that circadian lighting is healthier, so it may be worth using lights that allow you to adjust intensity and brightness that correlates with the time of day.


Climate-proofing involves more than just one aspect of a home. To combat the effects of climate change, people are installing:

  • Green roofs
  • Passive cooling measures
  • Raised electrical sockets
  • Concrete floors
  • Solar shades

Each of these is a really interesting concept – and all are grounded in science. For example, with just a 20 percent increase over current levels of green roofs, we could halve the urban heat island effect by 2050.

Steam Showers

In a steam shower, a humidifying steam generator makes water vapor that surrounds you – and they work in tandem with a regular shower. The idea, hatched during the height of the Roman Empire, is a true luxury touch that adds a spa-like magic to your bathroom space.

Designer Wallpaper

Wallpaper got a bad rap for a long time, but now it’s back in. But this time, it’s all about uniqueness and art. There are some great places to find wallpaper for an accent wall or small room, too.

A Wine Fridge

Having a whole wine cellar is nice, but if you don’t have one built into your home, it’s a great idea to add a wine fridge to your kitchen. You can replace a cabinet, put one under your kitchen island, or even choose a stand-alone unit to add a splash of luxury (and convenience) to your kitchen space.

An Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are – and probably always will be – incredibly popular. They’re a way to extend your living space while enjoying time outside with family and friends. Some outdoor kitchens come complete with a bar and full appliances, while others are more modest. Either way, one of these culinary hotspots is definitely a welcome addition.
Check out 19946 North 103rd Street and 14620 East Sierra Alegre Court if you’re looking for a home with a fabulous outdoor kitchen – they’re both amazing.

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