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Have You Outgrown Your Home (Or Has Your Home Outgrown You)?

If you’re like many people – whether you already own a golf course home in Scottsdale or you’re thinking about buying one – you’re wondering if you’ve outgrown your space (or if it’s outgrown you). Here are three signs that you’ve outgrown your home, three signs your home has outgrown you, and what you can do about it.

3 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Home

The average homeowner stays in the same house for about 10 years, according to the National Association of Realtors®. For most people, there are a few years in either direction – but how can you tell if your home just isn’t meeting your needs like it used to, or it’s time to sell for other reasons?
Check out these great reasons to move:

  • You need to find a more affordable home
  • You want something newer that requires less maintenance and fewer repairs
  • Your family has grown

You Need to Find a More Affordable Home

Sometimes you can buy a larger home at a lower interest rate (and for less money) than what you owe on your current home – but even if you’re not looking to get a bigger house, there’s nothing wrong with moving for affordability. You don’t have to be in dire financial straits to do so, either; sometimes it’s just best to save where you can, especially if retirement is around the corner.

You Want Something Newer That Requires Less Maintenance and Fewer Repairs

On average, U.S. homeowners spend about $2,000 per year on home maintenance. That’s just maintenance – that doesn’t include repairs, which you’ll need to do more of as your home ages. Buying a newer home doesn’t always mean that you’ll spend less in maintenance costs, or that you’ll spend less on repairs (unless you also receive a home warranty), but it could.

Your Family Has Grown

Too many kids and not enough bedrooms means it might be time to find a bigger home. In cases like these, you have to weigh the inconvenience factor with a new purchase – and sometimes having an extra bedroom or two is by far the better choice.

3 Signs Your Home Has Outgrown You

Sometimes it’s not that you need a bigger home, but that you need a smaller home or you want to make a profit. Check out these signs your home has outgrown you:

  • You have too much space
  • You could make a huge profit
  • You just want a change

You Have Too Much Space

When kids move out – or even when they don’t, but you find yourself with too much house on your hands – it may be time to start looking for your next home. A lot of people downsize and end up saving money on mortgage payments, too.

You Could Make a Huge Profit

When your neighbors sell their home for a tidy sum and you’re wondering whether you could, too, it’s time to call a Realtor® for a free home valuation. You could stand to make a big profit by selling your home and buying another.

You Just Want a Change

We all get tired of our spaces from time to time, but if you’re looking around your house and you know you’re ready for something new, start looking at other Scottsdale golf course homes for sale to see if anything’s available that meets your needs. When you see homes that interest you, call a real estate agent for advice on selling and buying a new house – it can’t hurt to get information!

What if Your Home Isn’t a Good Fit Anymore?

If your home just isn’t a good fit for you, let’s talk. We can help you sell your home and find your next one – just call us at 480-405-4228 today to discuss your needs.
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