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Guide to Staging Your Home in the Fall: Scottsdale Secrets

Guide to Staging Your Home in the Fall: Scottsdale Secrets
If you’re like most people who want to sell a golf course home in Scottsdale this fall, you’re not sure about how much decor you should put up, what the best practices are for getting the right lighting, and what staging methods will get you the best possible look. This guide to staging your home in the fall will get you started.

Guide to Staging Your Home in the Fall

Most staging experts agree that you should capitalize on the season to help show buyers how much they’ll enjoy living in your house, but what does that mean? Generally, it means:

  • Putting up fall decor (but using it sparingly)
  • Updating your home’s accessories
  • Maximizing natural light at all times of day

Here’s a closer look at each.

Scottsdale Fall Home Staging Tip #1: Putting Up Fall Decor

Putting up fall decor can be valuable when it comes to home staging – prospective buyers want to see that your home is warm, cozy and inviting. However, you have to be judicious in your choice of decor. Remember that some people don’t celebrate Halloween, so spooky items might be off-putting for some buyers; remember that too much decor can make your space look cluttered or overwhelming; and know that neutrality and moderation are always key.
Settle for neutral fall decor, such as pumpkins and harvest-themed items. Avoid sticky window decals – even in children’s rooms and playrooms – and go for simple (and minimalist) elegance. Keep the decorations limited to things like your door’s wreath and doormat, a fireplace mantel and a few small pieces on shelves; don’t go all-out, even if it’s what you would choose to do if you weren’t selling your home this season.
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Scottsdale Fall Home Staging Tip #2: Updating Your Home’s Accessories

Accessories like throw blankets, kitchen towels and floral arrangements are all important when you’re staging and selling a home. Opt for rich and warm autumn colors, like vibrant reds or burgundies, to bring a little bit of fall spirit inside.
Other things you can do to add to the fall theme include:

  • Investing in new fireplace tools and filling your fireplace with logs
  • Place an open jar full of cinnamon sticks near a basket of fresh, red apples on your counter
  • Use colorful gourds as a dining room table centerpiece
  • Add red and orange fall flowers to your bathrooms
  • Hang a window wreath
  • Add pumpkins to your front porch (but don’t forget that javelinas absolutely love pumpkin)

(Get more inspiration here!)

Scottsdale Fall Home Staging Tip #3: Maximizing Natural Light at All Times of Day

The days are getting shorter, but for the most part, home showings take place while it’s still reasonably light outside. And just like any other time of year, it’s important to let as much natural light in your home as possible. That way, buyers can see all its best features – and they’ll know that they can enjoy the natural light, too.
Pro Tip: If you have a window that faces something unsightly or faces directly toward a neighbor’s window, you may worry about opening the blinds – but you can remedy that problem by adding a clear privacy decal to the window. Just search “window film” or “static cling privacy decal” on your favorite home improvement store’s website (or Amazon) to see if there’s a solution for your space.
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