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Camelback Mountain: What You Need to Know

Camelback Mountain - What You Need to Know - Arizona Golf Homes for Sale
Camelback Mountain is Scottsdale’s most iconic landmark – and here’s what you need to know if you’re buying a golf home for sale here.

Camelback Mountain History

Camelback Mountain, located in the Camelback Mountain – Echo Canyon Recreation Area between Arcadia and Paradise Valley, is one of the most popular destinations in the area for hiking and rock climbing.
The north side of Camelback Mountain contains a cave that anthropologists believe was once a sacred site by the prehistoric Hohokam culture prior to the 14th century.
In January of 1879, President Rutherford B. Hayes grouped Camelback Mountain into a 1-million-acre reservation for the Salt River Pima and Maricopa Native American tribes, but the Arizona Territorial Legislature reversed the decision less than a year later.
By the 1960s, almost all of Camelback Mountain had been sold to private owners. In an effort to prevent development all the way up the mountain, the U.S. government (primarily due to the efforts of Senator Barry Goldwater) turned the top of the mountain into a Phoenix city park in 1968.

Recreation on Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain, which is made from a combination of Precambrian granite that’s about 1.5 billion years old and sedimentary sandstone (the red portion) that’s about 25 million years old, is home to two spectacular hiking trails. Dogs are not allowed on either trail, and there are no water stops – so keep that in mind if you’re tackling Camelback.

Echo Canyon Trail

The Echo Canyon Trail on Camelback Mountain is 1.33 miles each way and is considered extremely difficult. For most people, it takes about 55 minutes to reach the top and 45 minutes to come back down. You don’t need a harness or ropes, but it has been likened to an obstacle course.

Cholla Trail

The Cholla Trail is about 1.5 miles each way, and it’s a moderate- to extreme-difficulty hike. Most people make it to the top in about 60 minutes and back down in 45 minutes. Some areas require you to use your hands to climb.
Both trails meet at the same point at 2,704 feet above sea level and reward you with panoramic views of Phoenix and Scottsdale. On a clear day, you can see most of the mountain ridges that cordon off the Valley of the Sun.

Plants and Animals on Camelback Mountain

You may see native species such as the desert tortoise, chuckwalla lizard, rabbits and rattlesnakes on Camelback Mountain. You’ll also see saguaro, cholla and prickly pair cacti, mesquite trees and palo verde trees.
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