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5 Kitchen Staging Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore

5 Kitchen Staging Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore
When you’re selling your home, your Scottsdale Realtor® will most likely tell you that the kitchen is one of the “make-or-break” rooms. What that means is that prospective buyers will probably make a beeline for the kitchen when they come see your home – and it sets the tone for the rest of the tour. If the kitchen doesn’t create a favorable impression, your prospective buyers might walk right out the door without even thinking about making an offer.
So how can you make your kitchen as appealing as possible when you’re selling your home? These five kitchen staging tips will put you on the right path.

5 Kitchen Staging Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Staging your kitchen can make a huge impact on the offers you get for your home – and even the dollar amounts people are willing to offer you. Use these five tips to get the most from your kitchen.

1. Paint or re-stain the cabinets and replace old hardware.

You don’t have to completely remodel your kitchen to upgrade its appearance. Talk to your Realtor about whether you should repaint or re-stain the cabinets… but if you already know they’ve seen better days, do it on your own. Swing by a home improvement store and find modern hardware that matches the rest of your kitchen and install it – it takes less than an hour to re-fit a kitchen with new hardware.

2. Clean, clean and clean more.

Prospective buyers want to see that your kitchen is easy to maintain, so make it look that way. Keep it spotless, and don’t leave clutter on the counters or in the drawers (people will open them). Polish the faucet and clean out the sink, wash the backsplashes and dust the cabinet faces. Don’t leave water spots on the stove, the microwave or anything else. Put away everything – you want the counters empty except perhaps a fruit basket or another decorative accent.
Pro tip: Hire a professional cleaner, if only for the kitchen, before you put your house on the market.

3. Organize the cupboards.

Prospective buyers are going to explore every inch of your home, including inside the cupboards and pantry. Make sure everything’s organized and neat, because they’ll correlate your organization skills with the way you’ve taken care of the house. Take out and pack everything you haven’t used for 6 months or more; that way, there will be more space available for potential buyers to envision their kitchen gear.

4. Add new tea towels.

Keep a brand-new towel hanging near the sink or on your stove. This is a great way to add color and style to your kitchen – and it’ll only cost you a few dollars. The key: never, ever put out a used towel. Keep one tea towel that you use only for showings, and put it away as soon as you get back in the house.

5. Bring in flowers or plants.

A vase of fresh-cut flowers can work wonders, as can a small, kitchen-friendly plant placed on the countertop. Experiment with different potted plants and vases to find something that’s exactly right for your space.

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