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5 Easy Desert Landscaping Ideas

5 Amazing Desert Landscaping Ideas - AZ Golf Homes for Sale

When you buy a golf course home for sale in Scottsdale, you want it to look its best – and part of that has to do with curb appeal. Your landscaping says a lot about your home, which means it needs to be on-point if you want to make a good impression. Check out these five easy desert landscaping ideas that take all the guesswork out of creating the ideal outdoor living space.

5 Easy Desert Landscaping Ideas

Your yard can be a beautiful synchronicity of color and form when you use these five tips:

  1. Choose multi-seasonal, visually interesting plants
  2. Use your home’s architecture as inspiration
  3. Bring in more architecture
  4. Use pots where possible
  5. Add a water feature

Let’s take a closer look at each idea so you can build the perfect outdoor living space from the ground up.

Desert Landscaping Idea #1: Choose multi-seasonal, visually interesting plants.

Desert Landscaping IdeaDesert plants – yucca, prickly pear cactus, Mexican oregano shrubs and others – provide plenty of visual interest. You can make your yard more appealing if you choose plants that differ between seasons, too, like prickly pear; that one flowers in spring, produces brightly colored fruit in summer, and changes tone in fall and winter. There are dozens of fabulous desert plants that bloom in various seasons, so find something easy to care for and make the transplant.

Desert Landscaping Idea #2: Use your home’s architecture as inspiration.

Choose rocks and plants that complement your home’s architecture and colors. If you have a terracotta roof, for example, choose similar-colored rocks to divide up your landscape. Create sections with various colors, or keep everything uniform and separate areas with pavers or concrete walkways.

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Desert Landscaping Idea #3: Bring in more architecture.

Raised walls (and those pavers and concrete walkways mentioned in Idea #2), as well as raised garden beds, can create a tremendous amount of architectural interest. Try planting something like trailing rosemary, which will grow and spill over the walls, to make your landscaping visually engaging across the board.

Desert Landscaping Idea #4: Use pots where possible.

Potted plants are fabulous additions to your space. Because you can keep water contained rather than losing it to the ground, pots are the ideal solution for many types of landscaping – and while you wouldn’t put a saguaro in a pot, you could use it for small aloe plants, a ghost plant succulent or something like Flaming Katy.

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Desert Landscaping Idea #5: Add a water feature.

Desert Landscaping Idea - Water FountainA large pool with a waterfall will lose a lot of water through evaporation, so to create an eco-friendly landscape with water features, you’ll want to opt for a small fountain (or several small fountains) that recycles water.

You can choose a pot fountain, build a very small koi pond (just make sure you cover it in lily leaves or wire mesh just below the water’s surface, because hawks and other raptors will be more than happy to empty it for you) or skip the water and build a dry creek bed with river rocks instead.

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