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15 Hard-to-Kill Indoor Houseplants

15 Hard-to-Kill Indoor Houseplants
If you’re buying a golf course home for sale in Scottsdale or you’re already living here, you know that indoor houseplants can add tremendous style and they’ll purify your indoor air at the same time.
But what if you don’t have a “green thumb”?
This list of 15 great indoor houseplants for your Scottsdale home will inspire you to head to the home improvement store and pick up some lush greenery.

15 Hard-to-Kill Indoor Houseplants for Your Golf Course Home in Scottsdale

Even tough plants need a little TLC, but if you’re not the best plant parent, you can still enjoy thriving blooms and lush greenery by choosing a few of these hard-to-kill indoor houseplants.

#1. African Violets

African violets are extremely popular because they bloom several times each year, and they thrive in bright, indirect light.

#2. Air Plants

Tallandsia, known as an air plant, only requires you to soak them in water for a few hours every week-and-a-half. They don’t even need soil to grow, and some varieties display beautiful flowers.

#3. Peperomia

Peperomia can thrive under fluorescent lighting, and they do well in humid conditions (like bathrooms).

#4. Peace Lily

The peace lily plant can grow up to 6 feet tall, and it’s a powerful air filter. You can get varieties that don’t grow that large for smaller spaces, too.

#5. Spider Plant

Spider plants love bright light, and they only need to be watered weekly. Bonus: They grow quickly and produce shoots you can re-plant in another pot for another room.

#6. Aloe

Great for the kitchen or on an end table, aloe thrives in indirect light. Even better, you can snap off a leaf to treat minor cuts, scrapes and burns.

Houseplants for Your Scottsdale Home - Golf Course Homes for Sale in Scottsdale#7. Dragon Tree

Dracaena marginata, or dragon tree, is a great low-light plant – but it’s toxic to household pets, so if you have them, skip this plant and choose something else.

#8. English Ivy

English ivy comes in a wide range of varieties, including cascade, domino and Irish lace. It’s a beautiful climbing plant that clears benzene from the air, too.

#9. Cast-Iron Plant

Scientifically, it’s Aspidistra elatior, but the cast-iron plant can tolerate anything you can throw at it – poor quality soil, low light and a lack of water.

#10. Dieffenbachia

Dieffenbachia thrives on filtered light and only moderate water, and its beautiful two-toned leaves look amazing in any space.

#11. Schefflera

Schefflera – which also goes by the name “umbrella tree” – usually grows slowly (but it can reach 15 feet). This one’s a no-go with pets, though; its leaves can be mildly toxic.

#12. Mother-in-law’s Tongue

Also called a snake plant, mother-in-law’s tongue can last a month without watering. It does best in partial sun.

#13. Pothos

Pothos is a leafy vine that does well with irregular watering and low light conditions. Some plants can grow vines around 10 feet long.

#14. Christmas Cactus

You can keep the Christmas cactus growing year-round. It produces red, white, pink or purple flowers you’ll love to see in any space.

#15. Begonia

Begonia plants require less water in winter than they do in summer (even indoors), and they’re available in a huge range of colors and patterns.

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