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7 Design Tips to Help You Sell Your Home Faster

Living Room Design Tips to Sell Your Home

If you’re putting your golf course home on the market, your goal is probably to sell it as quickly as possible – and for the best possible price.

Use these 7 design tricks to help make your living room more appealing to a wider range of buyers:

  1. Bring in plenty of plants
  2. Combine patterns and textures
  3. Find a new area rug
  4. Invest in a slipcover rather than a new sofa
  5. Opt for basket storage where possible
  6. Repaint in soft, light colors
  7. Use decorative mirrors

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#1. Bring in Plenty of Plants

Live plants make any space – from your living room to your bathroom – more appealing. They give people a peaceful feeling. Choose leafy green plants on stands or other surfaces unless you don’t have a green thumb; in that case, opt for freshly cut flowers that you can replace as soon as they begin to wilt.

Pro tip: Don’t use too many. You don’t want your living room to feel like a greenhouse, but you do want it to look like it’s been professionally decorated.

#2. Combine Patterns and Textures

Combine Patterns and Textures in Your Living Room to Sell Your Home

A good interior decorator will tell you that your home is supposed to reflect your personality – unless you’re selling it. Then, it needs to be versatile and flexible so it can match your buyers’ personalities. That means take out your personal style and put in neutral style that appeals to everyone; you can do that by introducing varied colors and patterns to combine with textures (think natural wood on a coffee table and symmetrical prints on throw pillows).

#3. Find a New Area Rug

Unless you have a designer rug in your living room that perfectly coordinates with everything else, think about investing in something new. You’ll use it in your new home, for sure, but you can get a lot of mileage out of it when it comes to appealing to prospective buyers. A new rug can be the perfect, modernizing touch in your living room.

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#4. Invest in a Slipcover Rather Than a New Sofa

Get a Slipcover for Your Sofa to Sell Your Home Faster

If your sofa has seen better days, invest in a slipcover rather than buying something new (save that for when you move into your next home). Have a custom slipcover made so it looks neat and modern, or have it reupholstered if necessary.

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#5. Opt for Basket Storage Wherever Possible

Basket storage is the way to go in many living rooms – even if it’s just for the TV remotes and game station controllers. That way, you can whisk it away or leave it in place when prospective buyers come to call.

Bigger baskets for things like magazines and other items are great, too, and they can stand alone beside the sofa or tuck away under a table to create a perfectly polished look. They even look great on built-in shelving.

#6. Repaint in Soft, Light Colors

Soft, light colors make any space look bigger, so they’re the way to go in your living room. You don’t have to pick pastels, but you do have to pick neutrals with a low-gloss or matte finish. Don’t choose high-gloss, because although it reflects plenty of light, you don’t want to blind your guests when they’re trying to see your home’s best features. (Remember, when prospective buyers come over, you’ll have all your blinds open and the drapes drawn back all the way – there will be lots of natural sunlight flowing in.)

#7. Use Decorative Mirrors

Decorative mirrors are the perfect way to make a space feel larger and add dimension to any room (particularly the rectangular ones, though). Strategically placing them across from wide-open windows serves two purposes: the mirror can bounce plenty of natural light around the room, and your prospective buyers will see beautiful scenery when they pass by.

Pro tip: If you have a not-so-pleasant view outside your living room window, offset the mirror – don’t draw attention to it.

Are You Selling Your Home in Scottsdale?

If you’re selling your home in Scottsdale, we can help you sell it quickly and at the right price. Using tried-and-true marketing strategies as well as innovative new methods in print, online and other mediums, we’ll put your house in front of all the right buyers.

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