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3 Tips for Making Buyers Fall in Love With Your Home Office

3 Tips for Making Buyers Fall in Love With Your Home Office

Check out these three tips that can help buyers leave your home with a great first impression.

When you’re selling a golf course home in Scottsdale, it’s about more than getting someone to buy four walls and a roof – it’s about showing buyers that your home will give them the lifestyle they want. Part of that lifestyle may be a comfortable, easy-to-work-from home office, which means that you need to stage yours like the sale depends on it… because it might.

3 Tips for Making Buyers Fall in Love With Your Home Office

People are working from home more now than they ever have before, and that means there’s a high demand for comfortable, well-lit and easy-to-use home offices. So even if your home office isn’t that way right now, these three tips can help prospective buyers fall in love:

  1. Add layered lighting
  2. Upgrade your seating
  3. Dress up your bookshelf

Here’s a closer look at each.

Tip #1 for Making Buyers Fall in Love With Your Home Office: Add Layered Lighting

Ceiling lights may provide enough illumination for you to get your work done, but do they really add to the ambiance of a space? Think about adding layered lighting, such as a desk lamp and a pair of floor lamps, to even out the way light moves around the room. Because overhead lighting can be harsh, adding LED lamps throughout the space can make a tremendous difference in the room’s “mood,” which means it’ll make a difference in the way buyers see it, too.
Pro Tip: When buyers are coming to see your home, make sure you pull back all the drapes and raise all the blinds. That’s good practice for every room in your house – not just the home office.
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Tip #2 for Making Buyers Fall in Love With Your Home Office: Upgrade Your Seating

If your current seating isn’t the most comfortable – or, rather, it doesn’t look very comfortable – it’s time for an upgrade. You don’t have to spring for a $3,000 ergonomic desk chair (but if that’s your thing, go for it!), but you should replace your hard-backed chair without casters with something that’s easier to work in. Even though buyers know your belongings will go with you when you leave, seeing a comfortable office will get them thinking about their own work-from-home options.
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Tip #3 for Making Buyers Fall in Love With Your Home Office: Dress Up Your Bookshelf

Update the books on your shelf, and if it’s stuffed to the brim, thin them out. Choose the most attractive books and keep them in place, and sprinkle a few decorations in to lighten the mood. If your shelf is metal and purely utilitarian, it may be time for an upgrade; choose something that matches your desk, or pick an antique shelf that adds visual appeal. Whatever you ultimately decide, remember that the goal here is to create a space that looks comfortable and relaxing – nothing like a cubicle or rigid office environment.
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3 Bonus Tips to Help Buyers Like Your Home Office Space

Check out these bonus tips to help encourage buyers to walk away with a good impression:

  • Add art to the walls. Choose pieces that resemble those you’d see in a luxury hotel.
  • Bring in a mirror. Put a mirror on the wall opposite your brightest window to help reflect light and make the space appear larger.
  • Place a plant (or two or three) in the space. Pick something small for the desktop and larger potted plants for tables.

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