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3 Quick Fixes That Can Make Your Home More Appealing to Prospective Buyers

3 Quick Fixes That Can Make Your Home More Appealing to Prospective Buyers
When you’re selling a golf course home in Scottsdale or a nearby community, your REALTOR® will talk to you about home staging and why it’s so important (did you know that staged homes sell for, on average, 17 percent more than non-staged homes do?). But before you stage, you might want to consider making these three quick improvements that can make your home even more appealing to prospective buyers.

3 Quick Fixes That Can Make Your Home More Appealing to Prospective Buyers

Even if you’re not particularly handy, there are three quick, easy projects you can dive into before you list your home for sale – and each of them is usually well-received by prospective buyers. Check them out:

  1. Infuse your laundry room with a fresh style
  2. Organize (and thin out) all your closets
  3. Add lighting

Here’s a closer look at each.

3 Quick Fixes That Can Make Your Home More Appealing to Prospective Buyers - laundry

Quick Fix #1. Infuse Your Laundry Room With a Fresh Style

Laundry rooms aren’t usually very high on buyers’ lists of make-or-break spaces in a home (those are reserved for the kitchen and bedrooms), but freshening up your laundry room’s style is a surefire way to impress people who come to tour your home. It’s a space built purely for function, so that’s what buyers expect… but when yours looks bright, attractive and easy to work in, it can pack a powerful punch when buyers are forming an impression of your home.
Use these tips to improve your laundry room:

  1. Add wall storage for laundry supplies
  2. Hang a drying rack from the ceiling
  3. Make the most of unused corners by adding shelving
  4. Create a folding station
  5. Use pedestal drawers beneath your washer and dryer

You might also consider freshening the paint on the walls, adding a mirror to the room to reflect more light, and putting a padded floor mat in front of the washer and dryer.

3 Quick Fixes That Can Make Your Home More Appealing to Prospective Buyers - closet

Quick Fix #2. Organize (and Thin Out) Your Closet

One of the first things buyers will do when they go into any bedroom is look in the closet. Even if your closets aren’t particularly large, it’s a good idea to start thinning them out a bit. Start with seasonal clothes; put off-season clothing in storage until it’s time to wear it next year. Then, pull out everything you don’t wear frequently. The idea is to take your closet down to about a third of what it normally holds. That way, buyers can see that there’s ample space inside for their own clothing.
If your closet is slim on organizers, think about adding some built-ins. They can add a bit of value to your home (although probably not enough to pay off in a big way at the closing table) and help buyers envision their stuff in your space.

3 Quick Fixes That Can Make Your Home More Appealing to Prospective Buyers - lighting

Quick Fix #3. Add Lighting

Go through each room in your home and look for dim spots. You’ll typically find them in high corners, near built-in shelving and other features, and sometimes right in the middle of a wall. You want to eradicate as many dim spots as you can by adding extra lighting. Buyers love to see bright, open spaces, and rooms that lack enough light look closed-in and dreary. Think of lighting in three layers: ceiling illumination, mid-level illumination, and floor illumination. You want to create rooms that make use of hanging lights, lamps and natural light from windows.
Pro tip: If you just can’t get all the spots, add a mirror. Mirrors do more than just reflect light – they also add to the illusion of space. If you want to visually lengthen a room, add a long, rectangular mirror; if you want the ceiling to appear higher, use a vertical mirror. (And if it doesn’t matter, pick something unique!)

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