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How to Safely Deal with Movers During the COVID-19 Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do most things. It’s no surprise that it has also affected the moving process. This guide explains how to safely deal with movers – and make it through moving day – during the pandemic.

How to Safely Deal with Movers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

If youre preparing to move, safety is probably on your radar – you probably need to know how to take all the right steps to keep yourself, your family and your movers safe. Check out these six tips to help you safely deal with movers during the pandemic:

  1. Choose your movers carefully
  2. Clean and disinfect everything
  3. Maintain social distancing
  4. Wash your hands as frequently as possible
  5. Mask up
  6. Disinfect again in your new home

Tip #1 for Safely Moving During the Pandemic: Choose Your Movers Carefully

Choose a moving company that ensures their workers’ and clients’ safety. Ask what precautionary measures the company takes, what the protocol is if a worker tests positive and what the company’s policy is regarding rescheduling your move due to COVID-19.

Pro Tip: At minimum, you want to work with a company that requires movers to wear masks and asks clients to wear masks, as well.


Tip #2 for Safely Moving During the Pandemic: Clean and Disinfect Everything

The CDC recommends routinely cleaning high traffic areas like tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, desks, sinks and other frequently touched items with disinfectant cleaner. It may be a good idea to send the rest of your family elsewhere for the day – to a friend or family member’s house, for example – while the movers are in your home; you don’t all need to be there to supervise if you can minimize the risk for exposure to COVID-19.

Pro Tip: Follow manufacturers’ instructions when cleaning and sanitizing. Wear the proper protective gear, increase ventilation, and never mix cleaners together.

Tip #3 for Safely Moving During the Pandemic: Maintain Social Distancing

On moving day, practice social distancing. It can be hard to refrain from trying to help the movers, but keep your distance and allow them to work. This is for their safety and yours. Keep pets and children in a separate room if they’re home with you. Remember that this is not rude; it’s simply safer.


Tip #4 for Safely Moving During the Pandemic: Wash Your Hands as Frequently as Possible

Request that your movers wash their hands when entering your home and at regular intervals after that. You should limit use to one restroom in the house and provide disinfectant wipes for light switches and doorknobs in the restroom and entryway.

Tip #5 for Safely Moving During the Pandemic: Mask Up

Make sure your movers wear masks, and wear one yourself. You should also follow other CDC guidelines. If it’s possible, open the doors and windows to allow for plenty of airflow during moving day.

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Tip #6 for Safely Moving During the Pandemic: Disinfect Again in Your New Home

When you get to your new home, disinfect and clean all your furniture (as well as your belongings that the movers packed for you).

Pro Tip: If possible, wait a day or two before moving in with your new belongings.

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