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How to Brighten a Room With Small Windows: 4 Tricks You Need to Know

How to Brighten a Room With Small Windows - AZ Golf Course Homes for Sale
When you’re selling a golf course home in Scottsdale, your REALTOR® will talk to you about how important staging is. Staging – the act of making your home as appealing as possible to prospective buyers – can help your home sell faster (and for more money). But what if you have a room that’s not as light and bright as it could be because its windows are small? Here’s how to brighten a room with small windows so buyers can fall in love.

How to Brighten a Room With Small Windows

There are several ways you can brighten up a room that has small windows. Check out these tips to get inspiration for your own space:

  1. Add a large mirror.
  2. Paint the walls white.
  3. Add large pieces of art.
  4. Hide some lighting.

Here’s a closer look at each.

Room-Brightening Trick #1: Add a Large Mirror

Mirrors are one of the simplest tricks in an interior designer’s repertoire. Because you can completely customize the way a mirror looks in your space – and because you can choose what it reflects – it’s a good idea to place one (or more) in cozy rooms with small windows. Aim to put the mirror across from the little natural light that’s entering the room. If you can’t do that, put one across from the door or where it can reflect plenty of artificial light.

Room-Brightening Trick #2: Paint the Walls White

White walls can help simulate the full-spectrum shine of natural sunlight. Very pale blue does the same thing. They both subtly reflect light from every source, including artificial light, so painting the walls can make a tremendous difference in brightness.
Pro Tip: Paint the walls and ceiling the same color so they blend more seamlessly, and remove crown molding if you have it in that space.

Room-Brightening Trick #3: Add Large Pieces of Art

Large pieces of art can break up walls, much like a window would, so adding your favorite big pieces can make your room appear brighter and livelier. Don’t choose anything dark; lighter colors and an airy theme are the way to go. Choose a bright white or mirrored frame to make it even more appealing.

Room-Brightening Trick #4: Hide Some Lighting

Even if you already have recessed ceiling lighting, there’s usually room for more. Try adding laps behind furniture in the room, tucked away beside a bookshelf, or even inside book cases. Hang a new fixture with a metallic finish, and consider pointing accent lighting toward objects of interest (like the large piece of art you hung after reading the last trick).

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