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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Circular Sun Home for Sale in Phoenix

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Circular Sun Home for Sale in Phoenix
If you’ve always wanted to own an architectural masterpiece, Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Circular Sun” home has hit the market, and you can schedule an appointment to go see it when you’re ready.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Circular Sun Home for Sale in Phoenix

Located in Phoenix on a 1.32-acre lot, the Circular Sun was built in 1967 for Normal Lykes. It was master designer Frank Lloyd Wright’s last design before his death in 1959, and although it’s been an Airbnb for the past year, you can make it anything you’d like. It’s at 6836 North 36th Street, and you can view the listing (including interior photos) here.
The home sale can include custom furniture, too, which means you can get a head start on decor if you choose to buy.

Wright’s Circular Homes

Wright only designed a total of 14 circular homes throughout his illustrious career, including this one – his last. Tucked against the mountain near the Arizona Biltmore, which Wright consulted on as well, the home blends perfectly into the natural landscape.
Featuring about 3,100 square feet of living space, the Circular Sun is made from overlapping concentric circles. The exterior, constructed from concrete block, features circular, crescent-shaped and triangular cut-outs. The curved interior walls are curved throughout, and in this home, they’re made from Philippine mahogany. Even the kitchen counters are special; they’re wrapped in stainless steel.
The flooring, made from slate out of India, and the bathroom (which uses Italian rose marble), are two of the most spectacular luxury elements of the home. In the living room, Wright’s signature banquette seating faces a fabulous fireplace. Even the home’s swimming pool is curved, making this home a true architectural gem.
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