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5 Garage Organization Hacks From the Pros

5 Garage Organization Hacks From the Pros

If you’re like most people who are selling a home in Scottsdale, you already know it needs to be clean, organized and appealing – but when it comes to the garage, what are you supposed to do?

Check out these five garage organization tips to help you get your one-car, two-car or three-car on the right track.

5 Garage Organization Hacks From the Pros

Your real estate agent has already talked to you about your landscaping, staging the inside of your home, and curb appeal – but the garage, for many people, is another story. Use these organization tips to clear out clutter and make your garage as attractive as possible to buyers:

  1. Shelve sports equipment
  2. Use magnetic strips wherever necessary
  3. Add shoe racks
  4. Use jars under shelves for small items
  5. Install shelves, hooks and racks on the walls

Let’s look more closely at each of these so you can get inspired.

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Garage Organization Hack #1: Shelve sports equipment.

Sports equipment can quickly take over your garage space, so home organizing experts suggest using mesh bags to corral balls. A wall-mounted magnetic strip keeps metal bats off the floor and organized, and large bins attached to the wall are perfect for other accessories, like pads, mitts and helmets.

Garage Organization Hack #2: Use magnetic strips for paintbrushes and other small tools.

Small tools like paintbrushes (which you should hang to dry thoroughly), pliers and wrenches, scissors and other items that either don’t fit into a particular category or that you’re frequently digging around to find are best-served on a magnetic strip. The secret: Attach a small strip of wood (or a few strips) to your wall at eye-level. Use adhesive to affix a magnetic strip to each piece and you have an instant hotspot for all your small metal tools. You can also use them to hold soup cans, coffee cans and other metal containers that keep your pencils and other items organized.

Garage Organization HacksGarage Organization Hack #3: Add shoe racks.

Installing a shoe rack near the door is a great idea – it provides extra space on the garage floor, keeps the shoes up and ensures that the entryway doesn’t become cluttered when people come inside. You can use a simple shelf from your favorite home improvement store or you can install an official shoe rack – either way, it’s a key piece of organization equipment every garage needs.

Garage Organization Hack #4: Use jars under shelves for small items.

If your garage already has shelving units but not enough drawer space for storing small items, try this expert life hack: Screw Mason or Ball jar lids to the bottom of a shelf, with the threads exposed. Attach the jars and you have instant hanging storage for small items like screws and nails. The best part is that you don’t have to stack multiple containers and risk them falling and making a mess – when you need something from a jar, just unscrew the jar from the lid.

Garage Organization Hack #5: Install shelves, hooks and racks on the walls.

Brooms, rakes and shovels shouldn’t be leaning in the corner – they should be hanging on your wall, which is most likely under-used anyway. (Most garage walls are completely empty.) You don’t have to go all-out with shelves, but installing a few multi-prong tool holders or racks can make a huge difference in the way your garage looks to prospective buyers.

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