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5 Bathroom Improvements That Could Help You Sell Your Home This Summer

If you’re like many people selling a golf course home in Scottsdale this summer, you already know that you’ll be up against plenty of competition. After all, summer is peak buying and selling season – so what can you do to make your house stand out?
You might want to think about making a few improvements in the bathroom. Here’s what you need to know.

5 Bathroom Improvements That Could Help You Sell Your Home This Summer

First things first: You should never pour money into renovations or upgrades without talking to your REALTOR® first. That’s because you may not need to make any improvements at all; your house might sell quickly (and at the best possible price) without them. However, if your agent tells you that one or more of your bathrooms could use a little TLC, here are five ways to improve:

  1. Invest in new hardware and accessories
  2. Get more sink space
  3. Update old flooring
  4. Add storage space
  5. Brighten up the whole room

Here’s a closer look at each. 

Bathroom Improvement Tip #1: Invest in New Hardware and Accessories

New hardware – faucets, handles, cabinet pulls and towel bars – can make a tremendous difference when it comes to modernizing your bathroom. Swapping out your old hardware is generally easy, too; most people can tackle the whole project in an afternoon. 
Pro Tip: Head to your favorite home improvement store and see what’s on the market. You might be surprised at how affordable it is to give your bathroom a quick facelift.

5 Bathroom Improvements That Could Help You Sell Your Home This Summer

Bathroom Improvement Tip #2: Get More Sink Space

If a bigger improvement is in order, think about upgrading to double sinks. Buyers love double vanities, which even work in cozy bathroom spaces. When you get a new vanity, choose one with storage space (more on that in Tip #4) that will make your bathroom more usable. 

Bathroom Improvement Tip #3: Update Old Flooring

If the floors in your bathroom are old and tired, it’s time for an update. Tile is certainly the way to go, but before you make any major design choices, talk to your REALTOR. Your agent should be your go-to on what’s selling right now; some styles are out and some are in, and because your REALTOR is on the ground every day with prospective buyers, he or she can tell you what they’re looking for. (Did you know that there’s a celebrity who has wall-to-wall carpet in her bathroom?)

5 Bathroom Improvements That Could Help You Sell Your Home This Summer

Bathroom Improvement Tip #4: Add Storage Space

Even if your bathroom is on the cozy side, buyers want to see that there’s room for toiletries and essentials. You don’t need to knock out a wall and add a linen closet, but if you’re able to extend the usable space in your bathroom, buyers will appreciate it. That may be by adding built-in shelving, a new vanity or some under-cabinet storage options.

Bathroom Improvement Tip #5: Brighten Up the Whole Room

Swap out your old light fixtures for new ones, and you may want to consider putting on a fresh coat of paint. Remember, too, that buyers expect to see white in the bathroom – so if you have a colorful tub, it may be time to swap it out for a modern, white version.
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