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The Insider’s Guide to Moving With Pets

Insider's Guide to Moving With Pets
Preparing for your big move is exciting – especially when you’ve just purchased a golf course home for sale in Scottsdale, because there’s a good chance you’re about to move into your dream home.
But your pets are another story. Moving is stressful when you know exactly what to expect… so you can imagine how tough it is on your four-legged family members. They don’t even know you’re moving, and they don’t understand the sudden appearance of boxes and packing supplies – or why all your stuff is slowly disappearing.
The good news: There are plenty of things you can do to make your move easier on your pet. Check out this insider’s guide to moving with pets to help your furry friends make the transition.

The Insider’s Guide to Moving With Pets

As with most adventures, a little bit of planning for your move with pets will make the whole event more successful. Use these five tips to help your pets deal with the move:

  • Prepare for car rides well in advance of the big day
  • Update your pet’s emergency contact info and microchip
  • Put together an overnight kit for your pet
  • Keep your pet contained during loading and unloading
  • Let your pet adjust to your new home slowly

Moving With Pets - Tips When You Buy a Golf Course Home in Scottsdale#1. Prepare for Car Rides Ahead of Time

If you and your pup make regular trips to the dog park, you’re ahead of the game – and if you have a cat, you’re probably behind the curve (but that’s okay!). Several weeks before the move, make sure your pets are used to their kennels. You can do that by leaving the kennel set up with the door open so your pet is free to explore it at his or her leisure. After a week or two of free exploration, put your pet’s food and water inside – that way, he or she will start getting used to the idea that the kennel is okay. Eventually, you can close the kennel door while your pet is inside without causing him or her too much distress.
If you don’t travel with your dog in a kennel and use a safety harness seatbelt instead, make a few trial runs before moving day to make sure he or she is comfortable.
Pro tip: Never move your cat without a kennel. It’s dangerous – and he or she could bolt when you open the door.

#2. Update Your Pet’s Emergency Contact Info and Microchip

Visit your vet and update all your emergency contact information. If you don’t know what company microchipped your pet, find out there – you’ll need to update that information, too.

Tips for Moving With Pets#3. Put Together an Overnight Kit for Your Pet

Pack up food, litter, toys and your pet’s bed in an overnight kit. You’ll need it once you arrive at your new place – and your pet will be grateful to have his or her “comfort items” there. Bonus: You won’t have to dig around and open boxes to find what you need, which will give you more time to cuddle and love your pet.

#4. Keep Your Pet Contained During Loading and Unloading

On moving day, confine your pet to one empty room. Put his or her bed, the litterbox and plenty of food and water in there, too. Don’t open the door until the entire house is loaded on the truck and the front door is closed – that way, there’s no chance that your pet will make a break for it.

#5. Let Your Pet Adjust to Your New Home Slowly

Once you get to your new home, unload your pet’s overnight kit in one room. While it’s tempting to let him or her wander freely, it can cause your four-legged family member a lot of stress. The ASPCA recommends letting your pet acclimate one room at a time – and only moving on to a new room once your pet seems comfortable.

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