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The 5 Best Ice Cream Shops in Scottsdale

If you're moving to Scottsdale this summer, you’ll be glad to know that some of the best ice cream places in the state are located here – and you can cool down with your favorite flavors at any of these fabulous shops.
The Best Ice Cream S...

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Hiking to Pinnacle Peak in Scottsdale

Pinnacle Peak is a spectacular part of Scottsdale’s backdrop, and its 1.75-mile (one way) trail allows you to hike to the top, get great views of the city below, and enjoy a cool afternoon breeze when you just want to get away from it all.

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Artificial intelligence comes to golf

What’s the latest in algorithms and AI features in golf?  The Arccos Caddie, a smart phone app that lets your phone analyze distance, elevation, which way the wind is blowing and how fast, and a whole lot of other elements before it suggests...

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Barbecuing, Arizona’s Hobby

Barbecuing in your outdoor kitchen and dining on your misted-patio with golf course and mountain views is a highly-coveted lifestyle in North Scottsdale.  With our abundant blue skies and lack of rain there is one thing we do well in Arizona, ...

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