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Water l One of our most precious resources and Scottsdale has a lot of it!

Questions REALTORS® frequently hear from buyers during the home search are, is the tap water safe to drink, and, how do you water all these golf courses? Proudly, in the City of Scottsdale we can answer unequivocally that the tap water is safe to drink. While golf courses are the major users of Arizona’s water supply, the City addressed this issue with a Reclaimed Wastewater Distribution System located in North Scottsdale that serves over 20+ golf courses in the area for a sustainable solution that works. Take a peek at the City’s 2017 annual water report that is online and found here for a glimpse at why every day residents can turn on their spigots and know they have an abundance of safe and reliable drinking water.

The City keeps water inexpensive because Scottsdale runs one of the most advanced recycling water treatment facilities in the entire world. Yes, world!  Over the course of one year, the treatment plants recycle 2.5 billion plus recharge 1.5 billion gallons of water. That’s a lot of water and they even load the underground aquifers with storage water for future use.
Most everyone wants to know where the water comes from and many are surprised to learn it’s from multiple sources such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs and 23 Scottsdale wells. As you can probably guess, the number one source for surface water is the Colorado River and the second largest source is from the Salt River Project that transports water via the Central Arizona Project (CAP) from both the Salt River and the Verde River.
Not only is the CAP a pathway for water but it also provides a multi-use recreational trail system that runs through Scottsdale, Phoenix and surrounding areas. You can walk, bike or run the 330+ mile canal corridor through three counties in Arizona; Maricopa, Pinal and Pima Counties.
The EPA regulates our drinking water and the water treatment processes so if you have questions you can contact the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 800-426-4791. Our unequivocal answer comes with one caveat, anyone that is immuno-compromised, should seek the opinion of their healthcare provider before they consume drinking water in any city.
With over 60 percent of our water being used outdoors, we ask you to rethink your options the next time you go to hose down your drive or sidewalk. Also, regularly check for irrigation leaks and replace grass with native plants that require less water. If you have a grass yard that you want to keep, consider not overseeding for a winter lawn, and plan your landscaping with Xeriscape designs. Scottsdale has plenty of water and we want to keep it that way!
Looking for a golf community home in the North Scottsdale area? Contact The Matheson Team who specialize in finding buyers the perfect golf home!
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