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Barbecuing, Arizona’s Hobby

Barbecuing in your outdoor kitchen and dining on your misted-patio with golf course and mountain views is a highly-coveted lifestyle in North Scottsdale.  With our abundant blue skies and lack of rain there is one thing we do well in Arizona, extreme barbecue!
Outdoor kitchens are the rage now and barbecues have long been a mainstay in the Southwest.  Impromptu guests stopping by for a late afternoon drink often lead to sit-down dinners and it can easily be a fait accompli with the right outdoor setup.

If you are thinking about replacing your current grill or installing a new one, this is not a time to scrimp.  A good gas grill will last for decades and many models come with a lifetime warranty.  The trick to a long lasting grill is to buy quality up front and then keep it maintained.
What’s not to love about throwing some steaks and veggies on the grill?  Keeping your grill clean at all times will make the dilemma of feeding unexpected guests, a piece of cake, and here are some easy tips to make that happen.
Take a wire brush to the grates immediately after grilling to reduce the elbow grease required to keep them looking new. If your grill has sat dormant for many months give it a Spring cleaning.  Once a year pull it apart and scrub, check for rust and clean or replace the briquettes.  Take a stainless steel wire brush to the burner tubes to open up any blockages that will occur over time.
Don’t use chemical cleaners on the grill; however, most stainless steel grill covers will need some cleaning products. Use a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft-cloth that will keep it scratch free and keep the rust at bay.
The fire box, or more commonly known as the drip pan, should always remain clean because unfortunately this is where fires happen.  For the safest BBQ experience, keep a putty knife with your grilling tools so you can easily remove fresh drips or remove caked on debris that has hardened.
Determine any replacement parts that are needed and get them ordered immediately since there really is no down time for grills in Arizona. If you’ve lost the owner’s manual go online for your reference information and order the needed parts.
Pre-meal oiling will keep your grates looking new and eliminate hard scrubbing when the grill cools.  A secret trick is to spritz the grill face with nonstick oil or scrub your grill with half of a raw onion.  Not only will the onion make your grates non-stick it will also add flavor to your food.
Looking for the perfect home to entertain guests?  Contact The Matheson Team who can help you find all the amenities you are looking for in a home.
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