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North Scottsdale Men’s Golf Association

We’ve heard it before, you belong to one or maybe even two private country clubs, but there are times when you just can’t round up a foursome for golf.  Why not step out of your box and join the ...

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Artificial intelligence comes to golf

What’s the latest in algorithms and AI features in golf?  The Arccos Caddie, a smart phone app that lets your phone analyze distance, elevation, which way the wind is blowing and how fast, and a whole lot of other elements before it suggests...

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What’s the latest trend in golf clubs?

What’s the latest trend in golf clubs?  Hybrid is the buzzword of the decade and we’re not just talking cars.  The top hybrid golf clubs have been named and the top three winners are the Cobra King F7, Ping G, and the Srixon Z H66.


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The best golf booking service to hit the market

Looking for the best “go to” golf booking service?  With close to 100 different online booking sites, it can be confusing and time consuming when looking for the right price and the right course.  You probably have Golf Advisor, Tee off, ...

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The plus and minuses of living on a golf course lot

Thinking about purchasing a home on a golf course lot?  With anything in life there are the pro’s and con’s to be considered before making a major decision.
For an avid golfer, hands down living on the golf course is a dream come true!  A...

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April as Junior Golf Month

Junior golfers take the lime light in the month of April in what most hope will be an annual event here in Arizona.  The Junior Golf Association of Arizona (JGAA) and the Southwest PGA Foundation have spearheaded more than a dozen clubs to ste...

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