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What’s the latest trend in golf clubs?

What’s the latest trend in golf clubs?  Hybrid is the buzzword of the decade and we’re not just talking cars.  The top hybrid golf clubs have been named and the top three winners are the Cobra King F7, Ping G, and the Srixon Z H66.

Hybrid clubs were originally designed to improve your game with a more consistent shot, but lately they are integrating technology that combines the quality of an iron and a wood into one single club that adds to the bottom line with distance and accuracy.  A hybrid is designed as a scoring club and they are much easier to hit and they are used off the fairway, from the rough and even off of a tee.  Understandably most golfers are obsessed with distance but you can get distance, versatility and save strokes to compliment your game with these new hybrids.
If you are ready to purchase, you may want to start out with one of the top-ranked three clubs for 2017!  The Cobra King F7 took first place with a distance of 191.95 yards, accuracy of 12.81 yards, spin of 3,724, launch of 15.82 degrees and ball speed of 121.7 miles per hour.  Ping G took second place with a distance of 198.39 yards, accuracy of 15.84 yards, spin of 3,114, 14.22 launch degrees and a ball speed of 123.34 mph.  And third place went to the hybrid club, Srixon Z H66 which was rated, a distance of 197.88 yards, accuracy of 16.14 yards, a spin of 3,325, a 15.47 degree launch, and a ball speed of 123.05 mph.
Sixteen other hybrid clubs were tested and the full analysis of all the clubs can be viewed here and the comments to the article provide some additional insights into the research, design and progression of hybrid clubs.
MyGolfSpy ran the study and they are an independent and unbiased lab committed to providing the consumer with advanced golf analytics.  When you refuse to accept advertising dollars from the major golf manufacturers, you can paint a critical and honest opinion.  If you are looking for a forgiving club, hybrid is the way to go!  But buyer beware, you’ll still want to be fitted for the club.
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