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5 Summer Must-Haves for Your Outdoor Living Space

5 Summer Must-Haves for Your Outdoor Living Space - Golf Course Homes for Sale in Scottsdale
Summer is practically here, and that means outfitting our outdoor living spaces to look their best. Check out these five summer must-haves for your outdoor living space – they’ll help you make the most out of it, whether you’re a frequent entertainer or you like to keep your back yard to yourself.

5 Summer Must-Haves for Your Outdoor Living Space

Some of the most amazing outdoor living spaces are those with personal touches, so explore these five must-haves to outfit your space:

  1. Lush greenery
  2. A cozy fire pit
  3. Hanging chairs
  4. Sparkling string lights
  5. Plenty of shade

Here’s a closer look at each.
Summer Must-Haves for Outdoor Living Space - Lush Greenery

#1. Lush Greenery in Your Outdoor Living Space – Even in Scottsdale

There are plenty of non-threatening desert plants (we’re giving you the side-eye, saguaro) that can add a more tropical feel to your outdoor living space. Some of the most colorful plants that can thrive in Scottsdale include:

These plants are typically easy to care for, but they do require a little TLC – especially in dry climates like ours. However, they’re colorful and lush, which means they’re going to contribute a more tropical feel to your outdoor living space.
Summer Must-Haves for Outdoor Living Space - Fire Pit

#2. A Cozy Fire Pit

You don’t have to go all-out and build a fire pit into the ground in your backyard. You can – unless you’re currently trying to sell your home; in that case, talk to your REALTOR® about making improvements or changes. A fire pit surrounded by chairs is a spectacular addition to an outdoor living space, as long as it meets city requirements.
Summer Must-Haves for Outdoor Living Space - Hanging Chairs

#3. Hanging Chairs

What better place to curl up and read in the shade than in a hanging chair? If a single-seat hanging chair isn’t right for you, opt for a swing or glider packed with outdoor pillows in fun, vibrant colors. The right seating can make your outdoor living space the perfect place to spend time.
Summer Must-Haves for Outdoor Living Space - String Lights

#4. Sparkling String Lights

Glitz up for outdoor entertaining all year with sparkling string lights. Pick large, round bulbs for a boho vibe or choose tiny white lights for a more whimsical look. Hang the lights in evenly spaced, criss-crossed rows on the top of your pergola, around your deck’s railing or between trees to create a look you and your guests will love.
Summer Must-Haves for Outdoor Living Space - Plenty of Shade

#5. Plenty of Shade

Whether you build a pergola or you already have a roof covering your outdoor living space, plenty of shade is essential – it’ll provide a great escape from the sun blazing overhead. Yours can be hard-wired for lights and an outdoor ceiling fan, too, which will definitely make it more inviting on warm summer evenings.

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