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7 Great Staging Tips for Holiday Decor

If you're selling your house this holiday season, you'll want to stage it properly - and though your REALTOR(R) can give you some tips and advice, this guide can get you started. (And if you're up fo...

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Holiday Home-Selling Tips From the Pros

If you're selling your home this holiday season, there's a good chance that your real estate agent has already talked to you about home staging - but how much is too much decor, what should you do about home tours and holiday parties, and what...

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5 Home Staging Tips for the Holidays

If you’re like many people thinking about selling a home this holiday season, you’re a little “iffy” on what you can do for decor. Should you stick to the tried-and-true “less is more” theme of home staging, or is it okay to put up...

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Kid-Friendly Halloween 2019 Events in Scottsdale

Halloween 2019 is right around the corner, and if you’re like most people in Scottsdale, you need to know what’s happening to celebrate one of the year’s biggest holidays. Check out this list of kid-friendly Halloween events, haunted hou...

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Halloween 2018 Events in Scottsdale

Halloween is right around the corner – how will you celebrate? Whether you’re buying a golf course home for sale in Scottsdale or you’re already living in this beautiful city, we have the ultimate list of Halloween 2018 events in and aro...

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