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Be injury-free and ready for the Arizona fall golf season

Are you ready for the Arizona fall golf season – when the weather and temperatures are perfect and the courses are newly over-seeded with winter grass?  To help you tee off the season on the right foot, here are a few tips to help you treat or prevent golf injuries.
be ready for the Arizona fall golf season by treating and preventing injuries
Non-golfers may not realize the toll that golf can actually take on the body and believe that golf injuries are a myth. After all, you’re not running, exerting bursts of strength or taking hits like with other sports. But golfers can still be plagued with injuries, especially if they are coming back from a break, or if they’ve played too much and are overusing muscles and tendons. Back pain, tendonitis and arthritis are popular injuries and ones that can stop your golf game in its tracks.
As with most muscle and sports related injuries, the best treatment is actually prevention. This is especially true if you’ve had issues in the past. To keep old issues from flaring up, work with a sports medicine or physical therapy specialist. You’ll work on conditioning and stabilizing exercises to ensure your body is ready before you actually step on the golf course
The Mayo Clinic recommends regular strengthening exercises as part of your overall training for any sport, golf included: “Try to be in shape to play your sport; don’t play your sport to get in shape.” Words to live by for any athletic activity!
Prevention can also include adjustments to your swing or other elements of your game. For instance, to prevent low back pain, try to adjust your swing so that everything turns at the same time. Focus on keeping hips and shoulders rotating back and through together. While this may not be the most powerful approach, it will save your back and keep you in the game longer.
For issues like golfer’s elbow and other tendon or joint issues, consider braces, tapping, strapping and trying different equipment. Warming up and regular stretching is also key, as is taking breaks to allow injuries to heal properly. And for any inflammation, ice can really speed up healing and recovery.
If you’re taking a break from golfing during the warm summer months, don’t let your eagerness to return to the course keep you from enjoying the Arizona fall golf season ahead! Warm up, stretch and use your downtime to work on strength. You’ll be ready to hit the course pain-free.
And if you live in Scottsdale golf communities like DC Ranch or Desert Highlands, health clubs, personal trainers and strength trainers are right at your doorstep.
If we can help you find your next Scottsdale area golf home, call us at 480-405-4228 or fill out the form below.  
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