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5 Red Flags to Watch for When You’re Looking at Homes

5 Red Flags to Watch for When You’re Looking at Homes
When you’re buying a golf home for sale in Scottsdale or any of the surrounding communities, there are a few things you need to watch for as you take tours with your Realtor®. In order to make the best possible decision during your house hunt, you need to actively check out a few important components of each home that makes it to your “Maybe” list.

5 Red Flags to Watch for When You’re Looking at Homes

While seeing one of these five red flags doesn’t mean you should immediately leave a house and move on to the next one, they might be things you want to talk to your Scottsdale Realtor about before you get too attached. You should be on the lookout for:

  • Bad flooring
  • Cosmetic enhancements
  • Lopsided windows
  • Overwhelming scent
  • Signs of neglected maintenance

Red Flag #1: Bad Flooring

When you’re touring a home, pay attention to what’s beneath your feet. If the floor feels lopsided or crooked, there’s probably a bigger issue at play. You’ll also want to watch for gaps in the tile (or uneven tiles) in the bathrooms and kitchen, as well as gaps between boards on hardwoods. These kinds of issues could indicate a poor DIY job, which can end up costing you big money in repairs later.

Red Flag #2: Recent Cosmetic Enhancements

A lot of sellers repaint before they sell – that’s pretty normal. However, if there’s a recent cosmetic enhancement that doesn’t seem to “fit” with the rest of the house (like an oddly painted accent wall or anything else that strikes you as strange), you could be looking at a cover-up of something more serious than an ugly color. A quick talk with your Realtor can help clear up any questions you have.

Red Flag #3: Lopsided Windows

Crooked windows can mean a foundation problem, especially if they stick when you try to open them. Pull back the drapes and try to open windows in each room. If they stick, it could be because they were poorly or improperly installed… or the foundation could be problematic. Even if it’s just a sloppy installation issue, remember that new windows can be expensive.

Red Flag #4: Overwhelming Scent

Many sellers put a batch of cookies in the oven, burn candles or plug in a scent warmer, but if the scent is overwhelming – or even just a little too strong – it could be a sign that they’re trying to cover up something worse. Be extra-cautious in rooms with the strongest scents; look for pet stains, mildew or other signs that something isn’t right.

Red Flag #5: Signs of Neglected Maintenance

When you walk through the house, look for signs that the seller skipped routine maintenance issues. If owners neglect basic issues, there may be a chance that they’ve ignored major ones, too. Check for burned-out light bulbs, grass that hasn’t been cut or leaky faucets, and keep an eye out for faded, chipped or peeling paint. Look around the home’s air filters, too – the area should be clean and dust-free, as it would be if the owner changed the filters monthly.

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