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A pet owner’s guide to selling your home

For many of us, our pets are an essential part of our family. Sure, they may shed and leave the occasional surprise around the house, but they’re worth it!
Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way about other people’s pets. Keeping this in mind is part of home sellers’ etiquette. So how do you successfully sell your home when you have pets? At The Matheson Team, we see this a lot (and have dogs ourselves) and employ a few key strategies that every family member can live with.
Keep it Clean
Potential buyers may not be pet people, or even if they are animal lovers like you, they may be allergic to certain types of pets.  You don’t want to alienate anyone from considering your home as their future Arizona golf home. Have your home deep cleaned to remove any odors and pet dander. Pay particular attention to carpet and rugs and have them steam cleaned, as these fabrics can hold stains and odor more than hardwood or tile surfaces.
If there are areas of your home that are damaged from the pet, repair and replace them. If you need to replace flooring, laminate, tile, and hard surfaces may be a better option than carpet. However, they should still be steam cleaned, especially grout. Also, check baseboards, doors, and door frames – common areas that pets scratch.
You may also need to have the air ducts in your Scottsdale golf home cleaned. Dander and allergens can collect in ducts and can keep odors from subsiding, even when the home is spotless.
Dust and vacuum regularly to keep pet hair at bay. Then use room fresheners or deodorizers to keep the home smelling fresh and clean. Another tip is to clean up your pet’s toys, beds, and gear. We know this stuff can accumulate and end up in all corners of the house, which could shift focus for a potential home buyer and turn him or her off. Simply collect the pet things and keep them in a closet or drawer when you are showing the home.
Take the Pets with You
Because pets can be a distraction during showings and open houses, try to take them with you when you leave the home. Not only will this allow home buyers to look at your home more objectively, but it will ease your mind that the animals will not get out or get nervous with other people around. If you cannot take your pet with you, make sure the animals are at least kenneled or contained in a secure area.
Likewise, remove the animals when your Realtor schedules the photography of your home. The photography should show your home as open and clean, like a blank canvas for home buyers.
There are many things to keep in mind when it’s time to show and sell your home, including how to manage your pets. Keep these strategies in mind and always ask your Realtor if you have any questions.
The Matheson Team is also here to help. As animal lovers, we can even guide you to your next dream home in the most dog-friendly Arizona golf communities!
Don Matheson
Realtor | Founder
The Matheson Team – RE/MAX Fine Properties
21000 N. Pima Rd., #100, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
[email protected]
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