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What to do when you detect mold or water damage in your home | Scottsdale

It’s the beginning of November and many homeowners are trickling back to Arizona to enjoy the winter months, free from snow and cold. Your home has been closed up tight all summer, and if you are experiencing a non-stop sniffling after a few days of being home, the culprit might not be what you think.
If the symptoms mimic a cold or allergies but lessen or dissipate after being outside of the home, you might want to check under the sinks, in the laundry area, and around the air handlers of your HVAC systems. There might be a faint musty odor, or you may be able to detect moisture damage or mold.

Mold in your home is not always as obvious as this

Mold in your home is not always as obvious as this

If you suspect mold, you will want to tackle this pesky problem immediately, and there are basic steps for getting rid of mold. Typically, a combination of bleach and water can address most mold found in your home on countertops, refrigerators, stoves and under sinks.
However, the most important step to remediation is to fix the source of moisture, most often a slow leak or drippy faucet. If you can’t do it yourself, put a call in to a plumber.
If you think you may have a more serious problem – more than 10 square feet of water damage and/or mold growth – you should call a company that works specifically with this indoor environmental nuisance. Or, if you are hiring a contractor, make sure they have had prior experience and follow the same EPA’s guidelines used for mold remediation in schools or commercial buildings.
If you think your HVAC system has been contaminated with mold, don’t turn it on – that will cause mold spores to spread throughout your home.  Consult with a professional mold remediation company first.
You will be asked to disclose this when you go to sell your home so make sure you document and keep the records of who did the work and when.
Remember molds are part of a natural environment, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
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