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Try Scottsdale’s own Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) Course

Most of Scottsdale’s golf courses close for 2-4 weeks in September-October for overseeding.  If you’re a target golfer, a great alternative during the overseeding season is Scottsdale’s own PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) course, called the Shelly Sharpe Memorial at Vista Del Camino Park.
We are Arizona golf homes real estate experts and we know the community and amenities of Scottsdale inside and out.

Pole hole, a disc golf hole in Scottsdale

Pole Hole®, a disc golf hole in Scottsdale

What is Disc Golf
The beauty of Disc Golf is your investment in the sport is limited to the cost of a Frisbee® or “golf disc”, rather than a ball and clubs used in traditional golf.  Disc golf rarely requires a greens fee, cart rental or carrying a heavy bag!
The object of the game is the same: Completing each hole in the fewest “throws” (rather than strokes).
A golf disc is thrown from the tee area to a ‘hole’ which can be a number of targets.  At most PDGA courses, the hole is called a “Pole Hole®,” which is a metal basket attached to a pole about 4 feet off the ground.
The player progresses down the fairway playing from the spot at which his disc last landed until he lands in the ‘hole’.  The trees, cactus and elevation changes on the fairways are challenging obstacles for the golfer – just like on a traditional course.
The game is ideal for people, families of all ages and a great way to spend a leisurely afternoon in the park.
History of Disc Golf
No one knows when Disc Golf really started.  The PDGA says it originated in Canada.
The first recorded game was in 1926 in Vancouver, British Columbia. A group of kids were playing the game with tin lids and called it “Tin Lid Golf.”  They eventually set up a course at their school.
In 1960, a Chicago company, Copar Plastics, manufactured and sold a game called Sky Golf but the game didn’t catch on.  Then in 1965 while playing a round of traditional golf, George Sappenfeld saw kids on the playground and envisioned them playing golf with Frisbees®.
George reached out to Wham-0, the manufacturer of the Frisbee® and using Frisbees® and hula hoops, Sappenfeld and Wham-0 hosted the first tournament at the Hollywood Bowl along with other Wham-0 sport events.
2nd Tee at Shelly Sharpe Memorial disc golf course in Scottsdale

2nd Tee at Shelly Sharpe Memorial disc golf course in Scottsdale

Vista Del Camino – Shelly Sharpe Memorial Disc Golf Course
The course was inaugurated in 1984.  It is an 18 hole course that is 5,650 feet long (just over one-mile).

In 893 rounds played at the course, the average score is 53 and only 34 discs lost.  The course is in great condition now.
The grass is mowed and water is low in the lake so it’s less likely that yours will be the 35th disc lost!
Players say the course plays long. It is fairly level with a few hills, but there are lots of trees on the course.  Three lakes come into play on 7 of the 18 holes.
The course is located in Vista Del Camino Scottsdale Public Park, located at 7700 E Roosevelt St., Scottsdale AZ 85257 (west of Hayden, between McDowell and McKellips).  Pets are welcome at this course.
If you don’t already have enough Frisbees® you can purchase them at “Spinners on the Green” within walking distance of the course.  Spinners carries disc golf equipment and has a bike rental service.
Rely on our team of Arizona golf home specialists as your go-to resource for information on the Scottsdale community and homes for sale.  Reach out to us anytime you’re thinking of buying or selling an Arizona golf home.
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