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Tackling home repairs while they’re small pays off, especially when you go to sell

As a homeowner, unresolved repairs can escalate to costly mistakes if you don’t pay attention to them right away. This is especially true when you’re getting ready to sell your home.
That small leak under the sink can blossom into an unexpected case of mold, and a repair that could have been addressed for under $50 may turn into remediation and repair that may cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars later.  Not to mention, you will be required to disclose the issue, even if remediated, in the Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS) when you go to sell.

Keeping up with home repairs will pay off when you sell.

Keeping up with home repairs will pay off when you sell.

Take an afternoon and give your house the full once over to identify repairs that you may have overlooked, or no longer notice, and write up a “honey-do-list.”  Do a cost analysis and determine whether it is better to call in a handyman or fix them yourself.  You’ll know what you can tackle and what may be better hired out.
If you want to preempt costly cleanups and repairs, take a few proactive steps.  For example, change the hoses on the back of your washing machine, water heater, ice makers with upgraded steel hoses to prevent a disastrous water leak.
Keeping up on the maintenance of your home will pay off when you go to sell your home. It’s more than likely that the buyer’s inspector is going to notice those deferred repair items. Too many repairs can give a buyer cold feet, as they begin to wonder how well the home has been maintained.
More than likely, when it comes time to negotiate the repairs on the BINSR, the buyer will ask for these repairs to be done, or they will ask you to provide them with a credit towards the repairs at closing.
The bottom line is, those repairs that you’re ignoring are most likely going to have to be addressed when you go to sell.  So why not take care of them right away?
There’s a little procrastinator in us all, but now is always better than later when it comes to home repairs.
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