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Scottsdale recently named best city in U.S. to raise children out of 100 largest cities

According to a study by social media guru, My Life, Scottsdale is the best city in the United States to raise children.
If your family is looking to live in THE best city in the country for children, contact your Scottsdale Real Estate Experts at The Matheson Team and we’ll help find your dream home here.
Using the 100 most populated cities in the U.S., MyLife ranked each city in 5 key areas:

  • Crime rate – Whether or not you have children, safety and security is certainly at the top of your home search criteria.    The study used data came from
    Scottsdale is the #1 city to raise children

    Scottsdale is the #1 city to raise children

  • Public Schools – The quality of education is a key criteria for parents in selecting an area to live.  Quality was determined by adding together average math and english test scores in all grades.  Across the 100 cities, Scottsdale schools ranked #4.  The study used data from
  • Public Parks per Capita – Parks allow for exercise and interaction, which lead to both better health and a sense of community.   Scottsdale ranks #7 in this category.  Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Oakland, St. Louis and Honolulu have more parks per capita but, considering Scottsdale residents can use parks nearly everyday of the year due to the area’s great weather, we probably use our parks more than many of these cities that rank higher.
  • Average Family Salary – Having a little extra discretionary income helps keep the ‘fun-factor’ going for families.  Scottsdale’s average family income is #1 in the country according to
  • Cost of Living – to balance annual salary, MyLife looked at for cost of living data.

After ranking all the cities in each criteria, scores were added up.  The sum was then divided by the average to get the overall score.  The lower the score, the better.
Scottsdale’s score is an astounding 4.8, making Scottsdale THE best place to raise children in the nation.  In fact, Scottsdale is the only city whose overall score is below 5.
The median was 10.8 and the highest (least attractive) 17.  As you can see, Scottsdale beats the other 99 cities by a long shot!
Scottsdale certainly provides the quality of life that families are looking for.  This high quality of life also helps home values.  So, if you’re considering a move to Arizona, consider making Scottsdale your home and contact The Matheson Team, by filling out our contact form below.
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