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The Rules of Golf are About to Change

We’ve waited for years and the results are right around the corner.  Waited for what?  The first draft of the new Rules of Golf!

The USGA in conjunction with their counterpart, the R&A have been brainstorming for the last five years in an effort to come up with biggest restructuring of Rules of Golf, in literally decades.  The game won’t change but the way you think about it and maneuver the course will.
The current 34-rule structure will have new life breathed into them and members of the tour and the public will eventually change accordingly.  While no one is privy to a sneak peak of revisions, word on the street suggests the following rules will most likely change:

  • Getting rid of the club length as a measurement for taking relief
  • Changing how players dropped a ball when taking relief
  • Changing the amount of time you are allowed to search for your ball from 5 to 3 minutes
  • Giving permission for players to repair marks left on the greens by shoe spikes

That’s just a smattering of the changes that are probable and everyone has been informed that nothing in the current rule book is sacred.   John Bodenhamer, USGA Senior Managing Director of Rules Competitions and Equipment Standards, shared timeline of the rollout is in March with an additional 6-month time period for soliciting input from the golf community.  And that means you!
You won’t want to miss your opportunity to have a say in how the new golf rules influence the game, and we all know the old adage, the squeakiest wheel gets the grease.
The future may hold the ability of your smart phone to accurately measure the distance of your drive while still standing in the tee box and to count your strokes at the end of the game.  Not to worry, they are even exploring how future technological updates should influence the rules of the game.
The official new Rules of Golf will be implemented on January 1, 2019, so you have a little while longer to gear up for some long overdue changes in the game of golf!
Remember, the only constant in life is change itself.
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