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Play like a pro: tips for playing in your first golf tournament

We like to post about local tournaments, first it’s exciting for golfers and second it’s great for our Arizona golf communities that host. If you’ve been inspired and are ready to register for your first amateur golf tournament, how should you prepare and what shout you expect? Whether you want to test your skills or just donate to a cause, here a few tournament tips we’ve picked up along the way.

Golf Tournaments

Golf Tournaments

Tip 1: Stop contemplating and sign up for the golf tournament

If you want to play in a golf tournament, definitely sign up. Don’t let your skill level, the competition, or anything else hold you back from trying it out. Most likely your registration fees are going to a worthy community cause, plus you will gain valuable experience on the greens.

Tip 2: There will be players of almost all levels

Many up and coming future PGA pros use local amateur golf tournaments to help them sharpen their competitive skills, gain focus and bolster their confidence. When you see a few polished ringers in the bunch do not let you intimidate you. That being said you likely won’t be the only newbie either; some players use tournaments to help them work on their weaknesses.

Tip 3: Expect crowds

The sheer number of people who sign up and also watch the golf tournament may surprise you, and the crowds may intimidate you or make it hard to focus. It’s okay! Especially your first time out. This is a great way to try to block out distractions and focus on your own game.

Tip 4: Brush up on the rules

Just because you’re an amateur doesn’t mean you have to look like one. Make sure you know the rules of the game and any specific rules the tournament has. It doesn’t hurt to dress the part either; make sure your attire and shoes are up to the courses standards.

Tip 5: Arrive early and practice

It doesn’t hurt to not only be on time or even a little early; arrive early and check out the course you’re going to play. Many suggest even hitting the putting green and/or driving range before a tournament to warm up and check things out. Many golfers speed up their shots and swings when they get nervous, practicing a bit will hopefully get some of the jitters out and help you relax.
There’s just nothing like stepping up and playing your first tournament, so above all else, take it in and enjoy it! Wondering which tournament you should tackle? Check our blog for local golf tournaments around AZ golf homes and which community organizations are hosting and/or benefiting from the game. And what’s more, if you want to take your game to the next level and live in a Scottsdale golf home close to all the action, contact The Matheson Team today. We can guide you to the Arizona golf course communities with the most amateur tournaments or those that frequently host PGA tournaments.
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