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In Arizona, who pays the buyer’s agent commission in a real estate transaction?

This is the question that every buyer wants to ask … who pays my Realtor?  If you are looking to purchase a home, you can relax.  It’s not the buyer who pays the commission, it’s the seller.
Different states work in different ways, but in Arizona at the time of the listing agreement the seller agrees to a pre-determined commission usually based on a percentage of the gross sales price.

The seller pays the buyer's agent commission in Arizona

The seller pays the buyer’s agent commission in Arizona

At the culmination of the sale, the escrow company will show it on the seller’s side of the HUD closing statement and commissions will be paid out of the proceeds of the sale directly to the brokers. The brokers in turn pay their agents.  There are always exceptions, but in a resale real estate transaction this is the norm.
It’s equally important for the buyer to understand that even though the seller is paying the commission, the buyer’s agent should be working directly on the buyer’s behalf.  If they are a buyer broker, they are legally obligated to represent the buyer’s best interests.  There are exceptions, so a buyer should ask.
Why does the seller pay? A seller wants the greatest number of potential buyers to look at their home as possible, hopefully resulting in the best offer.   A seller knows it is a very high probability that another buyer’s agent , not their own listing agent, who will bring the buyer to their property that will ultimately buy their property.
As a buyer, your Realtor works for you, free of charge to you, until it’s time to sell.
Contact the Matheson Team, your Scottsdale real estate specialists, if you have questions about any aspect of the real estate process.   We’re here to help.
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