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Improve your golf game with the help of this Scottsdale Pilates studio

How do you improve your golf game? We all know the basics: take lessons, get the right clubs and practice, practice, practice. But now a local Pilates gym is offering a new stretching and strength training program made specifically for golfers.
Pilates can improve your golf game
Range of motion is critical to your golf game, and that’s exactly what The Pilates and Gyrotonics Institute of Scottsdale is tapping into. The Institute has developed a program for golfers that increases range of motion, stretching and strengthening the body. A variety of movement styles are incorporated, from tai chi to ballet and traditional reformer Pilates.
What makes the Institute’s program different from a more traditional workout at a gym? It’s the Gyrotonics. The specially designed equipment uses a pulley system, similar to other total body workout systems seen in gyms and on TV. But the difference lies in the body’s motions while on the equipment. Gyrotonics involves circular motions rather than the usual linear push-pull motions. This helps users to mobilize, stretch and strengthen the body all at the same time and with minimal effort.
The Institute’s owner, J. Pelliteri, who is a Scottsdale golfer herself, saw a void in golf training. She noticed that some of her golfer clients were unbalanced in their strength, which is often the case with golf; one side becomes stronger than the other. The primary purpose of the golf program is to balance both sides of the body with flexibility and strength training.
The proof is in the game. Pelliteri has noticed her own golf game improve and her clients tell her they have increased their swing range, the distance they can hit the ball, and have decreased their handicaps. “We work on the actual muscles that help the golf swing increase in flexibility and also in strength,” commented Pelliteri.
The “System,” as it is called at the Institute, incorporates principles from a variety of more traditional exercise methods, like ballet, gymnastics, swimming and yoga. Because the motion patterns are circular and more natural, there is no compression on joints, no turbulence and no differentiation between contraction and extension. This allows for better sports simulation with less risk of injury.
Pelliteri and The Pilates and Gyrotonic Institute have been working with Valley residents for more than 15 years. In addition to the golfer program, students can take group equipment classes, mat classes, gyrotonic classes and private sessions.
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