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Want to improve your golf swing in 2015? Check out Carefree Movement

Have you made a New Year’s resolution to improve your golf swing and lower your golf handicap?  Here’s a place that can help you out: Carefree Movement Therapy and Conditioning, located at 36600 N Pima Rd #308, Carefree, just north of Scottsdale.  Golfers from all over the Valley drive to Carefree Movement to be put through a progression of exercises focusing on form, with a professional trainer to hold them accountable.

Carefree Movement offers Pilates, Structural Therapy and Training to improve the way you move

Carefree Movement offers Pilates, Structural Therapy and Training to improve the way you move

While a one-time golf clinic can certainly help you with your golf swing, that’s not what we’re talking about here. Not only will you work hard during your weekly regimen of exercises, you are given homework to do on your own between sessions.  Word has it that if you are not committed to the program, they will move a more serious golfer into your slot.
The program options include Pilates, Structural Therapy, and Structural Training. Sessions focus on postural movement re-education, fascial (connective tissue) corrections, strength training and conditioning, and chronic pain treatment.
Did you know that scar tissue in the fascia or a spine that is out of alignment can impair your swing? The professionals at Carefree movement can help in tackling the physical issues that might be holding you back from achieving your maximum potential on the golf course.  They can also help you balance the overuse of one side of your body, a condition found in the typical golfer.
Through the help of the professionals at Carefree Movement, you can correct “faulty movement patterns” that will improve the way you move – including the way you swing a golf club!  Here’s to shaving a few strokes off your golf game in 2015!
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