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Help keep Scottsdale beautiful: 6 City waste disposal and recycling programs

The City of Scottsdale has a number of waste disposal and recycling programs for residents. In addition to weekly curbside pick up for both trash and recycling, the City offers on-call moving box collection, electronics recycling, hazardous waste recycling, and bulk trash pick up.  As a service to new and existing Scottsdale homeowners, here is a quick summary about these programs, and related links to the City’s web site.

City of Scottsdale has numerous recycling programs for residents

City of Scottsdale has numerous recycling programs for residents


Did you know?   In 1960, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), every American generated 2.7 pounds of municipal solid waste per day.  The number peaked in 2000 at 4.74 pounds, and has continued to decline since that time.
In 2012, we each generated 4.4 pounds of waste per day (a total of 251 million tons per year).
During the same period, Americans have increased recycling activity.  In 1960 only 6.4% of solid waste was recycled and by 2012 35% was being recycled.
1. Weekly curbside pick up for recycling (Thursday or Friday, depending on your neighborhood)

Weekly Recycling for Scottsdale residents is picked-up curbside from the mauve-colored bin. Plastic bags are not accepted.

Boxes should be cut up. Shredded paper, junk mail, newspapers, etc. may be placed in a brown paper bag to prevent anything from blowing out.

Items the city recycles include aluminum and steel beverage cans, clean food trays, foil, food cans and aerosol cans; paper or Plastic milk/juice containers, food boxes, glass food and beverage containers (only clear, green or amber), magazines and phone books, newspaper and inserts, plastic cups and containers.

The city’s recycling program does not accept folding chair frames, foil juice bags, plastic packing material, bar soap or detergent boxes, wax, light bulbs, window glass, ceramics or pottery, paper or hardback books, toxic materials, rubber bands, tissue, paper towels, plates, napkins, gift wrap, diapers, pet food bags, Fed-ex or self-sealing envelopes, containers from motor oil, pool chemicals nor styrofoam.

2. Weekly curbside pick up for trash (Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, depending on your neighborhood)

Weekly trash is picked up curbside from the black-colored bin.  It is intended for any non-hazardous and non-construction related household waste.

Items in your trash may include food waste, packing materials, rubber bands, tissues, paper towels, plates and napkins, gift wrap, diapers and other non-toxic, non-recyclable or sometimes recyclable items.

3. On-call moving box collection 

This is a free, one-time program for relocating residents.  The pick-up can be scheduled on-line or by calling the city at 480-312-5600.  Moving boxes must be broken down.

Paper packing materials should not be left in the boxes; the paper products should be placed in a brown paper bag and put in the weekly recycling container.

4. Electronics recycling (bi-monthly collection at specific sites)

Electronics recycling is done on a Saturday every other month.  Residents may drop off  computers, printers, keyboards, mice, monitors, phones, answering machines, pages, calculators, cameras, TV’s, recorders, DVD players.

Batteries, fluorescent lights/bulbs and other appliances are not accepted during electronic recycling.

5. Household hazardous waste (HHW) (bi-monthly collection at specific sites)

HHW can be dropped off at city collection centers on designated days.   Typically the drop-off is scheduled every other month on a Saturday.

Types of household hazardous waste accepted include: photo chemicals, auto fluids, household cleaners, pool acids and chlorine, paints, solvents, stains, batteries, CFL and fluorescent light bulbs.  The HHW collection day does not include collection and disposal of tires, appliances, landscape waste.

6. Monthly bulk waste collection

This is for  yard waste, unwanted furniture, appliances and other items that are too large or too big a quantity for normal collection.  The city requests that curbside piles be no more than 10′ x 6′ wide and no more than 4 feet tall.

In addition, the sanitation department asks us not to mix items.  Tree limbs should be cut into pieces, nothing more than 12″ in diameter.

Cacti and glass must be in separate cardboard boxes and marked.  Other yard waste like grass clippings and leaves should be in plastic garbage bags with ties.

Doors from refrigerators and freezers as well as condensers should be removed and freon discarded by an authorized technician.

Bulk waste collection does not include chemicals, construction materials or tires.

Reduce, reuse and recycle - the optimal way to deal with waste

Reduce, reuse and recycle – the optimal way to deal with waste

This is where everyone can help: We may be able to reuse or reduce our use of many of the things we throw in the trash. Take a second look and determine whether it is something that can be recycled or disposed of in another more eco-friendly way.
Scottsdale’s waste and recycling programs contribute to the reduction of garbage and an increase in recycling.  There’s no extra cost to residents for the city’s programs, so please try to make use of them!
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