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Golf in Arizona golf communities: top tips for buying golf clubs

Golf is a game that takes practice, patience, and some truly impressive gear. There is arguably no more important piece of this gear than golf clubs.
Golf clubs come in such a wide variety of choices, so how do know what’s right for you and your swing? There’s no better way to tell than to take the clubs out on the greens, but here are some tips to narrow down the purchasing process.
Know your game and your goals
Before you spend any money on golf and clubs, have a good idea about how much you will use them. This will dictate how durable the clubs need to be, as well as how much you want to budget for clubs. If you golf every week, plus practice at the driving range and putting greens, you’ll probably be looking at a different set of clubs than if you play a few times year.
Likewise, know the weaknesses and strengths of your swing. The shaft composition that you decide on – usually graphite or steel – should help your weaknesses. For instance, a graphite shaft will be lighter than steel, and thus will help increase swing speed. However steel shaft clubs are a little more durable and last longer. You will also want to consider how much the club shaft flexes or bends. Stronger swingers can benefit from stiffer clubs, while most beginners, women, and older golfers will benefit from clubs with more flex.
The more obvious choice, and what many sales people working in top golf pro shops may tell you, is to buy expensive, quality clubs. But it’s better to underspend than overspend. This is especially true if you are new to golf or are getting back into the game after a long hiatus. While good clubs can be key to a good game, sometimes you don’t need to spend a ton on them. You can always upgrade later, but downgrading will be much harder and more expensive, since you’re buying another set. Or take advantage of someone else moving on to new clubs and consider buying gently used clubs. Just make sure they match your stats (like height – see below).
Get fitted
Golf clubs are like Scottsdale golf homes – one size or style does not fit all. If you’re dropping decent money on clubs, you definitely want to make sure they are well-suited for your body. “Off the rack” golf clubs, those not made to fit a specific person or body type, are made for the average person. For men, that’s 5’10”. If you’re under or over this height, standard clubs are not going to work as well. The right custom clubs can also help golfers with more of a handicap.
Ask around
As is the case when you’re looking for a good realtor, ask around to find good references for pro shops that that fit and sell golf clubs (or read our cheat sheet on the best pro shops around Arizona golf homes). Talk to your friends, mention it to golf course staff members, and ask your neighbor or co-worker. Word of mouth is still the marketing reference people most trust. Once you’ve got a couple of recommendations, shop around. See what types of clubs each store sells, their trial and return policy, if they offer fittings, etc.
Once you’ve done your homework and find the right clubs to complete your set, it’s time to hit the course! Ready for a custom Arizona golf homes fitting to go with your new clubs? Contact the Matheson Team today for your expert guide to Scottsdale golf homes for sale in AZ!
Don Matheson
Realtor | Founder
The Matheson Team – RE/MAX Fine Properties
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