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Enjoy the Arizona winter weather with a game of disc golf – 50 courses in Arizona

With a rush to enjoy the outdoor weather, that is beyond splendid this time of year, comes the urge to try new things. And for sports enthusiasts who like to boast they have tried everything, think golf, but not traditional golf. This is disc golf and it is a legitimate sport with national events put on by the Professional Disc Golf Association, and believe it or not, international tournaments are held all around the world.

There are 50 disc golf courses in Arizona

There are 50 disc golf courses in Arizona

New to the sport? Others aren’t since there are almost 50 courses in Arizona alone. With the state’s varying terrain and topography, golfers flock here to experience its unique courses designed to keep the obstacles challenging and play interesting.
The game is analogous to the traditional game of golf, in that you try to get the object closest to a target in the least amount of tries. But instead of clubs, tees and balls, you have your equipment that are referred to as a driver and a putter, which look like the old Frisbees that we played with as kids.
As with the traditional game of golf, it is all about form, the right stance, accuracy and getting the ball, disk, to go exactly where you want it to. Typically the jargon used in scoring is “hole” and the fewest number of strokes, throws.
Starting to sound familiar? It’s not– it’s unique, fast paced and challenging with all levels of players forming teams in league play.
The course fees are dramatically cheaper and tee times easier to reserve (at least for right now).
So if you haven’t experienced the sport, grab a friend and try some beginner courses, which lie outside the urban area. Once your skills are honed, you more than likely will be invited to play right in town.
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