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Do Arizona golf homes need an alarm or home security system?

We all want to keep our families safe and our Arizona golf homes secure, both while at home and away. There are a lot of companies out there that claim they can help with a variety of products, from home alarm systems to security cameras. But how much do alarms actually help? How far do home security systems go in truly protecting you, your family, and your valuables?
As with most consumer products, what you can get out of an alarm or home security system depends on your primary purpose for using it, associated costs, additional services, and a few other factors. To help you determine if you want or need a system, or how robust of a system you need, let’s look at some common questions and alarm system basics.
First, how does a home security system work? Depending on the company and size of your home, a security system may include motion sensors, door and window contacts, security cameras, monitors, and a centralized keypad. When the alarm is set through the keypad, or even by remote with some wireless systems, the sensors are engaged. If the motion sensors detect motion or the contacts on the door or window are broken, the alarm sounds. A signal is sent to the alarm monitoring company.
Once the alarm goes off, you can input a code into the keypad to stop it, though sometimes monitoring companies still call to verify things are okay. If a code is not entered, the monitoring company will call to verify your identity. If you do not answer, or give indication that something is wrong or cannot identify yourself (usually with a password), the monitoring company will dispatch the local police. Some systems may also come with a panic button, which goes right to police dispatch.
This seems like a great plan, so what’s the cost? There are usually two costs associated with a home security system: 1) components and installation, and 2) monthly monitoring. You can of course set everything up and have only an alarm sound with no monitoring, and some studies show that is often enough to deter burglars. Likewise, if you move into a home that already has a system in place, you may only need to pay for monthly monitoring and the products or setup if the existing system is in good working order. Monthly monitoring averages $20-50 per month, while the components range from virtually free with a startup package to several thousand dollars.
The obvious benefits to a home security system are the peace of mind that your family and home are protected at all times and the security of your belongings. Some studies suggest that simply having a home security system decreases crime not only in your home, but also your neighborhood.
Another benefit you may not have considered is lower home insurance rates. Some companies offer up to a 20% discount for a working home security system.
If you’re interested in arming your family with a home security system, has done a lot of the research for you. They’ve surveyed homeowners, reviewed articles, compared benefits and costs, and reached out to law enforcement to find the best home security systems out there.
As experts in Arizona golf homes, The Matheson Team is also here to help answer your questions about the benefits of adding a home security system to your existing home or finding a new home with one already installed. Feel free to call us any time!
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