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Can You Stage a Swimming Pool? Absolutely – and Here’s How

Can You Stage a Swimming Pool? Absolutely - and Here's How

If you’re selling a home in Scottsdale with a swimming pool, your real estate agent will most likely talk to you about staging it so it looks its best. The main idea: You need to make a great impression on prospective buyers. This guide explains what you need to know about staging your pool and its surrounding area so you can wow buyers – and so they’ll leave your home ready to make an offer.

What is Home Staging, and Why’s It So Important When You’re Selling Your Home?

Home staging is the process of preparing a home for sale. In practical terms, this can include everything from clearing out clutter to redecorating and changing furniture. The goal? You want to create an inviting atmosphere that shows off your home’s best features and helps prospective buyers see themselves living there.

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How to Stage a Swimming Pool

Staging a swimming pool is similar to staging any other part of the home. You want to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, while also highlighting the features of your pool. Start by sprucing up the area around the pool with some colorful plants, flowers, and outdoor furniture. If you have an outdoor grill or kitchenette in that space, make sure it looks clean and inviting.

What to Consider Before You Start Staging Your Pool

Before you start staging your pool, consider the age and condition of your pool and what kind of renovations or repairs may be necessary. Have a professional inspect it if needed before listing your home so you can get an accurate assessment of any potential issues. You should also consider the effects of the weather on your pool, such as evaporation and algae growth, and take steps to minimize those problems if necessary.

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The Benefits of Staging Your Pool

Staging your pool can help boost the appeal of your home and make it stand out from other houses on the market. It can also help create an inviting atmosphere and encourage buyers to linger longer in your home. Plus, staging can help you get closer to the asking price that you’re looking for when it’s finally time to sell.

How to Make Your Swimming Pool Look Its Best

To make your swimming pool look its best, make sure it is clean and well-maintained. This includes skimming leaves and debris off the surface, scrubbing the sides and bottom of the pool, and ensuring that any equipment such as filters and pumps are in good working order. Check for signs of algae or bacteria, which can turn buyers off. You should also make sure your water is at a comfortable temperature, since buyers will want to test the waters and make sure it’s comfortable for swimming.

Tips For Keeping Your Pool Staged Correctly

Once you’ve staged your pool, you’ll need to keep it looking its best throughout the selling process. This includes regularly skimming debris off the surface of the water, cleaning filters, and checking for signs of algae or bacteria growth. You should also check the pH levels of your pool to make sure they are balanced and safe for swimming.

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Additional Tips for Selling a Home With a Swimming Pool

In addition to making sure your pool is clean and inviting, there are other things you can do to boost the appeal of your home when selling it with a swimming pool. Consider placing some fun pool accessories around the area, such as a floating cooler or inflatable toys. You can also create an outdoor living space with comfortable furniture and accent pieces, like potted plants and string lights. Finally, don’t forget to clean up your decking or patio surfaces – they should look just as inviting as the pool itself.

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