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Beginner’s guide to golf in Arizona golf communities: Part 2

In the last segment of this beginner’s guide series, we looked at how to approach the game of golf and how to get suited up for learning to play in Arizona golf communities. Now that you have the basic golf gear and someone to show you the ropes, it’s time to swing into action!
Golf Game Basics
So you know how to wield your clubs and you found someone brave enough to go out with you on your first game. Wondering what comes next? Before the game, review the basic rules of golf. The rules sometimes get updated, at least the rules for serious players, so it’s never a bad idea to keep up on and reference the official United States Golf Association rules.
Give yourself plenty of time for your first game to get the hang of things and establish a flow. While four hours is an average estimate for how fast people play 18 holes, allow for up five, especially on your first game or two. The time it takes you and your group to complete the round depends on how busy the course is, the number and skill level of people you are golfing with, and how many strokes it takes each player. Maintaining a good pace of play is part of good golf etiquette, especially on popular courses.
Meet the Course
Once you’ve figured out where to play, determine if you need a tee time. Most golf courses operate on one of three procedures: you need a tee time, tee times are recommended or accepted but not necessary, and tee times are not accepted. Busy courses will require tee times and if you’re hoping to stroll up and start playing you could be turned away. “Know before you go” is a popular golf term for this reason. Check websites or call in advance. This is also a good way to find out the costs of playing specific courses. and are good resources to check things out and compare.
When you inquire about tee times, also check on dress codes. Sometimes referred to as a “ladies and gentleman’s sport,” golf courses often require collared shirts and non-denim pants or shorts. Usually the higher the green fees the more likely a strict dress code will be enforced, and golfers who do not meet the dress code will be turned away (sometimes you can buy the appropriate clothes in the pro shop). Also be sure to wear golf shoes with soft spikes only or tennis shoes, as most courses forbid metal spikes.
Choose Your Tees Wisely
Choosing the wrong tees to hit from is a common mistake in golf, especially for beginners. Trying to play from tees that are too challenging for your game will not only frustrate you, but you’ll hold up the aforementioned pace of play. A good rule of thumb is that the furthest back tees (or championship tees) are for low handicap men. The middle tees are for average handicap men, low handicap women, and long-hitting women. The tees in the front are for high handicap players, seniors, and beginners. When in doubt, or if there are more than three sets of tees, start with the forward tees.
When you’re ready to hit the greens and practice your game, Arizona golf course communities are a great place to start. Why not learn, practice and play just minutes from your Arizona golf home? The Matheson Team can help you find the right golf community for you, whether you’re a burgeoning pro or a beginner.
Not a golfer? Don’t forget all the additional amenities of Scottsdale golf homes, like spectacular scenery, state-of-the-art fitness centers, and organized social events.
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