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Arizona has more boats per capita than any other U.S. state: Fact or fiction?

If you live in Arizona, you have probably heard it said that Arizona has more boats per capita than any other state.  I have always found this to be difficult to imagine.
Arizona is a desert!   More boats than Florida or Michigan!?

Castle Rock Wahweap Bay on Lake Powell

Castle Rock Wahweap Bay on Lake Powell

This just might depend on what we are calling a boat.  In Arizona, all watercraft must be registered.  This includes jet skis, canoes, paddle boats, kayaks, sailboats, catamarans, pontoon boats, rowboats, and even that homemade bass boat you built in the back yard with your brother-in-law!
We’ve seen this statement in the newspaper, on television and various websites so it must be true, they wouldn’t lie to us.  Investigation into other avenues tell us it’s absolutely a fact.  You can check for yourself!
Here are just 4 reputable sources that make the claim:

  • Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Arizona Chamber of Commerce
  • Mesa Community College
  • (Arizona Republic)

The Arizona Department of Game and Fish have heard of this urban legend too but, as far as exact numbers they remain uncertain. But this they know for sure:
Arizona has 200 lakes and reservoirs’ that you can enjoy most of the year for boating, fishing, skiing, and camping.
Maybe just a cool getaway for the day with family and friends for a little picnicking, hiking, or just plain relaxing?
So you might ask yourself, is this a myth or a fact?  Well, does it matter?  Just get out there and enjoy mother nature at her best and explore more of our beautiful Arizona!
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