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Arizona has 8th lowest mortgage closing costs in the U.S., according to

Another good reason to buy a home in the Scottsdale area is that mortgage closing costs in the Phoenix-Scottsdale-Mesa areas were recently reported to be the 8th lowest among all 50 states and Washington D.C.
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Phoenix-Scottsdale-Mesa area have 8th lowest closing costs in the United States

Phoenix-Scottsdale-Mesa area have 8th lowest closing costs in the United States

Using a $200,000 purchase price as a baseline, a 2014 report by examined closing costs in the largest cities of every state.  The costs included loan origination fees as well as third-party costs.
In the study, the company revealed that the average closing costs in the largest cities of the U.S. are $2,539.  The Phoenix-Scottsdale-Mesa metropolitan area’s closing costs are nearly 5% below the average at $2,425 for a $200,000 property.
In fact, the Scottsdale metropolitan areas closing costs are 20% lower than the nation’s highest closing costs found in Houston, Texas. Only Arkansas, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Ohio, Missouri and Tennessee and Nevada, have lower mortgage related closing costs than Arizona.
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