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8 Simple Staging Tips to Help Sell Your Home Quickly and for Top Dollar | Scottsdale

The competition in Scottsdale’s real estate market is tough, so these 8 simple home staging tips will help you to sell your home quickly.

One of our current listings: staging with neutral colors and decor

One of our Scottsdale listings: staging with neutral colors and decor

1. Just like meeting people, making a good first impression to home buyers is also key. If the flowers are dead, the grass is not mowed, and there is noticeable exterior damage to the home, the buyer’s first impression is that the this home is not well cared for.  The seller risks the chance of losing that buyer due to lack of exterior maintenance alone and they have not even step foot inside the house yet.
Spend a short day doing yard work that includes; cutting the grass, planting new landscaping. Also be sure to repair any noticeable exterior damage, give your front door a fresh coat of paint and add a new door mat. By the time you are done, your home will be screaming, “I am beautiful on the inside and out, so come take a look!”
2. Too much clutter in the home is distracting. Once the buyer is in the home, you immediately want them to picture themselves living there. This may be difficult for them to do with too much clutter.
Too much clutter is not only difficult for the buyer to look past, but can make the overall size of your home feel smaller. Clear off kitchen and bathroom countertops by throwing your toiletries into a basket that is stored under the sink.
3. Start packing. You are planning to move, right? It only makes sense to start packing items away and storing them for when moving day comes. If you do not have a ton of storage options in your home, rent a monthly storage unit. If you try to stuff items into closets the buyers will see this and think your home does not have enough storage room.
4. Keep things neutral. To do this, you want to paint the home in warm, neutral colors. You might think, “Oh it is just paint. They can repaint my electric green room at little to no cost.” However, what the buyers will see is this being a project that they will have to take on in the near future and you will want to avoid this.
5. Make sure your home is well lit for all showings. You did all of this hard work, now make sure everyone can see it!  This is accomplished by replacing any burnt out lightbulbs. If one or more of the rooms in the house do not have ceiling lighting, add lamps.
6. Group your furniture so that it floats. Do not push all of the furniture against the walls. By “floating” your furniture you create a obvious traffic pattern for the guests, thus making it more “user-friendly.” This will also open up the room and make it appear larger.
7. Make sure this is a purpose for EVERY room. If you have a “junk” room, organize it and turn it into something useful. Buyers want to see how they can use every space in the home to its fullest. Also, having an unorganized junk room distracts buyers from the rest of your home that may be well kept and staged.
8. Do not leave your home vacant. If you are an investor or you have already moved out of your home and leave the property vacant, it becomes hard for buyers to imagine where their “stuff” will go. If there is a small, vacant room then buyers will only see a room that is too small to utilize. By simply staging a desk, chair and some accent pieces the buyers see a nice office area for work.
By implementing these simple strategies on staging your home, you have highlighted its strengths and potential to all prospective buyers.
As one of the top real estate teams in Arizona, The Matheson Team strives to assist its sellers in any way possible to maximize their selling results and experience. For more tips on how to sell your home quickly or for recommendations on professional home stagers in the Scottsdale area, fill out our “Contact Us” form below.
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